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WATCH: More proof that some drivers should really find another career


A truck driver rolls into the semi truck behind him while stopped on a congested highway in this infuriating video. 

In the clip, the filming driver is just minding his own business when the semi truck in front of him suddenly rolls backwards multiple feet. The filming drivers lays on the horn to warn the rolling driver, and so do some of the fourwheelers, but it’s no use – the truck rolls right into him, smashing his truck. 

“God d*mmit,” the filming driver says in exasperation and anger. The other driver then gets out, walks over, and the filming driver really lets him know how badly he messed up.

“Some truckers need to find another career! Oh, and EVERYONE needs a DASHCAM!!” reads the video caption. 

“I come across someone who needs to find another career,  preferably one that involves NO DRIVING of any sort!!” the filming driver says of the incident. “Truck driving is nothing like it used to be.  Automatics allowed for the “unskilled” to drive semi trucks. Many still can not even back up! But they can all drive forward now. We’ve seen many more accidents, unnecessary deaths and injuries,  from truck drivers who shouldn’t be behind the wheel.” 

Watch the video for yourself, below. The action starts just after minute seven.


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