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WATCH: Pickup’s illegal u-turn nearly gets him smashed by reckless trucker


A truck driver manages to avoid crushing a pickup truck looking to avoid sitting in traffic by making an illegal u turn in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, a  truck driver is traveling fairly fast down a narrow roadway with no median as traffic sits at a standstill in the opposite lanes. As the driver rounds a corner, he encounters a pickup truck blocking his lane while trying to make a u turn. 

The driver has no time to even hit the horn before slamming to a stop and allowing the motorist to pull ahead of him and speed off. 

“This occurred on WA-18 West coming into the metro area South of Seattle. Would’ve been a bad morning if I hadn’t been paying attention,” the filming trucker wrote. 

“Need more air horn,” commented one. 

“Yep. Thought about it after the fact. I was too focused on stopping,” the filming driver replied.

“No f***ing way I’d be driving that fast in a semi with stopped traffic like that and no road divider. That’s just an accident waiting to happen like you almost had. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, it’s too fast for the conditions,” wrote another. 

Watch the video for yourself below.

Impatient 4-wheeler.
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