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WATCH: Santa’s two-handed arm pump was impossible for this driver to resist


Santa does the arm pump in this dash cam video that captures the heart of Christmas cheer in the trucking industry. 

In the clip, a truck driver is traveling through Southside, Alabama when he passes through an intersection with people collecting donations while standing between lanes. As the trucker drives through, one of the workers dressed as Santa plants his feet, stares at the rig, and pumps both arms up and down to request a blast from the horn. 

Needless to say, the truck obliges him. 

“When Santa not only does the Air Horn arm pump, but does it with BOTH arms, you can’t say no,” the filming driver wrote in the caption. n“I had to give him the Ole Air Horn. This right here made my day. This was in Southside, Alabama. If anyone knows this Santa, let him know he is awesome!”

Watch the holly jolly video, below.

Santa Wanted the Air Horn!
byu/StevenJeter inTruckers

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