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WATCH: SUV thinks cutting the corner during left turn will save him from oncoming semi truck


A motorist seems to think cutting the corner during a left turn will protect him from a collision with an oncoming semi truck in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, a semi truck is approaching an intersection with an SUV decides to make a left turn int= front of it. During the turn, the SUV driver clearly knows they’re taking a chance and tries cutting the corner to shorten their route as they chance it across the intersection. 

Luckily for the motorist, the trucker is paying attention and is able to stop short of a serious wreck with the SUV. 

The SUV then continues on its way and the truck driver makes a full stop, maybe to collect himself, before continuing on his route. 

Watch the video below.

Close call in Connecticut this morning
by u/Roaming-Numeral in Truckers

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