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WATCH: This driver is lucky the other trucker’s brakes were grabbing that day 


A truck driver is very lucky that another driver’s brakes were on point in this boneheaded video. 

In the clip, the filming driver is heading down a two lane rural road when they approach another driver waiting to enter the roadway from a side street. 

As the filming trucker gets closer, the waiting driver suddenly decides it’s his time to go and pulls out in front of the oncoming rig.

Luckily for the impatient driver, the filming trucker’s brakes apparently worked well that day, and they managed to stop just short of a collision with the trailer. 

“He is so lucky your brakes were grabbing strong that day lol,” commented one viewer. 

“Wow, idiot driver that pulled out in front of you. Good job reacting in time lol good thing your brakes work,” added another. 

“I wouldn’t have let off the horn for like 5 minutes,” wrote a third. 

“I didn’t! Damn near pulled it down,” the video poster replied. 

Watch the clip for yourself below. 


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