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WATCH: This “Peter-toon” boat is turning heads 


A trucking company owner turned a team-building exercise into “the most interesting boat” ever to float Minnesota waters. 

Trucking company owner Jeff Foster owns and operates a hybrid semi truck-pontoon boat on Lake Superior every summer for the last few years. He says the idea came about when an employee at his company saw another, similar boat on the internet and shared the clip around the company. Foster’s body shop employees then spent nine months putting the semi truck body on an old pontoon boat as a team building exercise. 

“It’s the most interesting boat we’ve ever been able to be on. I’m very proud of the boat for a handful of reasons… The reason I’m proud of the boat is the people who built it. the care and precision that went into building it,” said Foster. “It’s been fun for our business, our employees, our family. It’s just been a unique experience and we’ve really enjoyed it.”

Foster calls the rig a “Peter-toon” and says bystanders love to watch it float by every summer. 

“You drive it just like you’d drive a semi-truck. It has all the bells and whistles, horns, lights, turn signals, high beams, low beams, running lights, air compressor. It’s really an amazing piece of equipment.”

“The first thing you see is their camera to take a picture of you and the second thing they get closer and everyone is going like this. It’s the universal signal for truck drivers to honk their horn.”

Check out the custom boat for yourself, below.


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