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Watch this trucker’s “epic” recovery on black ice


A trucker on black ice makes an impressive recovery in this wintery dash cam clip the driver described as “epic.”

In the clip, a driver is traveling in the right lane on an empty two lane highway when he hits some black ice, causing the rig to veer into the left lane. For a few moments, it is unclear what the fate of the rig will be, but the driver manages to get control of the truck and keep it upright. 

Up ahead, another semi truck can be seen partially in a roadside ditch. 

“Hit some black ice followed by epic recovery. Truck in front of me wasn’t so lucky,” the filming driver explained. “2022 Cascadia with an empty trailer.”

Watch the impressive save below. 

Hit some black ice on the highway
byu/sko_tina inTruckers

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