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Watch this WWE style trucker brawl break out in standstill traffic


A couple of truckers decided to entertain themselves WWE style while stuck in standstill traffic. 

In the video, a passenger in another truck captures one driver banging on the door of another, seemingly initiating a fight. The apparent brawl knocks off one driver’s head gear, takes the pair around a nearby car, and eventually causes the driver who initiated the fight to….. Do a backwards barrel roll?

The driver who didn’t start the fight seems to be the one to finish it as he runs the now-defeated driver off with a bat. Also, did you notice he managed to exit his rig facing the tractor and maintaining the three points of contact?

We can’t confirm any details about the drama, but the bat strikes sure seem light, the choreography is a little too good, and something about the way the drivers are handling themselves doesn’t seem like real anger. Not to mention, if you pay attention to the reflection of the person filming the incident, they sure seem like they’re a little to thrilled by the situation to be someone who happened to capture a real altercation.

“That was the greatest choreographed fight I’ve ever seen!” commented one viewer. 

“I’ve never seen anyone do a headstand during a fight. The Audacity on that guy,” commented another viewer, who not only looks suspiciously like the guy who initiated the fight in the video, but got a lot of laughing responses to his comment from the poster and the other trucker tagged in the video as “that guy.”

Watch the “fight” for yourself and let us know if you agree that it’s staged.


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