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WATCH: Trucker is shocked by ‘me first’ attitude of other drivers putting everyone in danger 


A truck driver caught a very dangerous pass on a dark, narrow road in this dash cam video. 

“Bro….” the caption reads. “I saw 6 trucks in total pass in the same manner. This driver forced an oncoming car off to the side of the road. Who does this?”

In the clip, the offending truck driver passes the filming driver, the rig in front of him, and forces a motorist onto the grassy, slanted shoulder. The filming driver passes the motorist stopped on the shoulder towards the end of the video. 

Viewers of the clip are shocked by the passing driver, but also confused as to why the filming driver didn’t leave himself more space in case something bad ended up happening. 

“Buddy if I see that happening beside me, I’m immediately slowing down to a crawl with my hazards on in anticipation of something bad happening,” wrote one. 

“I don’t understand why the cam driver is this close,” added another. 

“This is beyond stupid and dangerous! That is a driver who has no regard for anyone including himself,” commented a third. 

“This is the whole “me first” attitude that’s come about in the past few years. Yeah I’ll get just as pissed as anyone else for being behind any vehicle driving too slow for no good reason (aside from farmers and their equipment, y’all cool). But to be this reckless and endanger others?” wrote one more.

Watch the video below. 

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