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WATCH: Trucker successfully threads the needle through potential truck pile-up


A truck driver avoids pile up crash between himself and multiple other semi trucks on a narrow road in this video. 

In the clip, a driver is making his way along a roadway bordered by snow when a line of oncoming trucks ahead of him erupts into chaos. 

The lead tractor trailer seems to slow down in order to make a left turn, but the rig behind them couldn’t stop in time, so the second truck moves into the filming driver’s lane to avoid colliding with the slowed rig. 

The filming driver is then forced to thread the needle between the stopped rig, the second truck, and a third truck coming up fast behind the other two. Miraculously, he manages to successfully avoid a potentially horrific situation, but not without a few choice words to help him navigate the tricky situation. 

Watch the impressive video below. Warning: Audio is NSFW.

What a maneuver!!
byu/fmintar1 inTruckers

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