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“WTF are you talking about?”: Drivers are largely unaware of reported ‘Florida boycott,’ poll reveals 


An alleged “trucker Florida boycott” is not as widespread as mainstream media reports would lead you to believe, a poll of truck drivers has revealed.

Last week, Florida Governor Ron Desantis signed a bill enforcing new penalties and restrictions for undocumented immigrants in the state. These new rules include requiring employers to make sure their potential employees are legally authorized to work in the US.

After the bill was signed, some latino truckers took to social media to speak out against the new rules and call for a boycott of Florida in protest. Since then, reports of a ‘trucker boycott of Florida’ have flooded the internet, including one article that claimed empty grocery store shelves were a result of the protest.

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Despite reports from the media, there seems to be little evidence that the boycott is actually taking place.

“I’m aware of the reports, but have not heard of any issues,” said Alix Miller, President of the Florida Trucking Association, to The Independent.

According to a poll conducted by CDLLife on Wednesday, May 17th, most truckers don’t even know about the apparent protest.

Out of 412 trucker respondents as of 12:40 p.m. on Thursday, May 18th, 60% of them answered that they were unaware of the boycott, 27% said that they were aware but were not participating, and only 13% responded that they would not be hauling loads to Florida for the time being.

“Why not pick a topic that really matters like freight rates? Fair pay. Overtime,” commented one CDLLife app member.

“Just another stir the pot crap,” wrote a second.

“I gots to get paid b*tches,” added another.

For now, it appears that the ‘Florida trucker boycott’ is going the way of so many other recent attempts at trucker protest – not very far.


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