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Bills seek to ban driverless big rigs from Delaware and New York roadways


Lawmakers are pushing forward bills that would ban driverless big rigs from Delaware and New York roadways.

Delaware Bill To Require A CDL Holder In Self-Driving Trucks

Delaware State Sen. Spiros Mantzavinos introduced legislation (SB258) that would prohibit the operation of self-driving trucks without a human on board.

Specifically, the bill would ban any autonomous vehicle with a gross weight of 10,001 pounds or more from operation on a Delaware highway “for testing purposes, transporting goods, or transporting passengers” unless there is a human operator physically inside the vehicle.

The bill would also require that the human operator hold a commercial driver’s license that is valid for the type of vehicle being autonomously driven.

Another provision tucked into the bill would require the Delaware Department of Transportation to submit a report evaluating the performance of autonomous vehicle technology to the General Assembly and the Governor by January 1, 2029.

SB258 is out of committee and awaiting further action from lawmakers.

New York State Seeks Driverless Big Rig Ban

Lawmakers in New York State are working on similar legislation banning driverless autonomous trucks.

Companion bills A8621 and S7758 would amend the current state driver and traffic laws to require a licensed driver to be present inside of operating autonomous vehicles weighing ten thousand one pounds or more on public roadways.

Both bills remain under consideration by committee.

Similar legislation to require human operators in self-driving semi trucks has been introduced in Indiana and California.


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