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Car hauler would rather be forced off the road than hit the brakes?


A car hauler would apparently rather go completely off road than yield to another aggressive driver in this shocking dash cam video. 

In the clip, a dry van trailer appears to shove its way in front of the filming car hauler without enough space to pass. The dry van tries to squeak between the car hauler in the left lane and the other tractor trailer up ahead in the right, which forces the car hauler onto the unimproved shoulder to avoid getting hit. 

The car hauler then veers off the shoulder, through the bumpy, dusty median, and eventually rides up along the guardrail on the opposite side of the highway. The car hauler then regains control, and begins to cross back through the bumpy median before the video cuts off. 

This video only reveals one part of one side of the story, but it sure seems as if the car hauler should have just let the dry van do what it was going to do, even if it was wrong. 

“Hit the brakes, let him over. Then catch up to him and brake-check him up the road so we can watch his dash cam of why someone brake-checked him for “no reason” as well,” one commenter joked. 

“All these videos only tell one side of every story. I meant that the original cammer was a fool for not slowing down. And the guy that cut him off like that was either blind or pissed about something. The only way you “win” on the road is by safely getting where you are going with the least frustration as possible. But watching stupid is still always amusing,” added another. 

Watch the video for yourself, below.


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