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Car versus CAT scale, motorist definitely loses


A four wheeler definitely loses in a car versus CAT scale battle that honestly never should have happened. 

In the video, a truck driver captures video of a less-than-genius motorist who ended up halfway on, halfway off of a ramp leading to a CAT scale. The four wheeler’s indecisiveness left his Honda CRV tilted to the right, with the undercarriage stuck on the concrete edge. 

It’s not exactly clear why the motorist was heading for the CAT scale to begin with, but seems like he’ll probably never try it again. 

“Wow… they really are just little lemmings, running around out there,” wrote one viewer. 

“Typical CRV owners,” commented another viewer. 

“I… did he… HOW?” added a third. 

Check out the confounding footage in the video below. 

Car stuck on weigh station
byu/Skeptictell inTruckers

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