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CHP issues reminder about load securement after car hauler mishap


The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is asking truckers to step up their load securement after a major car hauler mishap.

The incident took place on Friday, May 17, 2024, according to CHP’s Truckee Division.

From CHP:

Full Send Friday!

Friendly reminder to make sure your cargo is secure when in transport or it might just fly off… luckily, the only thing injured was the vehicle’s Carmax score.

The post went viral, generating thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

See what Facebook users are saying below.

  • “I give it a 10 for the perfect landing.”
  • The car was Dukes of Hazzard launched
  • wow!!!”
  • “I hauled cars for 35 years cross country I can honestly say that never happen to me
  • Sure they’ve gotten a little crooked but never hit the ground”
  • “Really quite impressive. Distance, landing, flair… all spot on.”
  • “Also injured- the truck driver’s ego.”
  • “I wanna see the truck’s dashcam footage”
  • “Must be filming the new final destination movie!”

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