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Discover Solutions for Keeping Your Cab Clean and Comfortable


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As a trucker, you spend more time in your vehicle than any other driver. Your cab is your office, and keeping your workplace clean is essential. After a busy day on the road, cleaning your truck’s interior may not seem like the highest priority.

With WeatherTech solutions, you can reduce the time spent cleaning, make your cab more comfortable and improve the quality of your time on the road. Discover how decking out your rig with these WeatherTech must-haves can enhance your driving experience!


FloorLiner – Our iconic liners are laser-measured to perfectly fit your footwells, helping you avoid a messy interior and maintain your truck’s resale value. Plus, anecdotal evidence suggests a clean cab can help you avoid a full DOT inspection.

Check out all the FloorLiner fits for heavy-duty trucks right here.   


SunShade – When you get the chance to stretch your legs outside your cab, our custom-fit shade will keep your interior cool, ensuring a comfortable return. Additionally, you can flip the SunShade around to prevent frost build-up in cold weather.

Check out all the SunShade fits for heavy-duty trucks right here.


CupCoffee – Once you’re back in your cab, you can conveniently keep your oversized mug or extra-large energy drink right by your side with our cup holder insert. Available in sizes of 14, 20 and 24 oz., you can easily find the perfect fit for your beverage needs.  


CarCoasters – You can also help keep your truck’s interior clean with our CarCoasters. With these removable coasters, you won’t have to worry about cleaning old spills, crumbs and other debris out of your cup holders.


CupFone – Ensure your phone is out of the way and in an easy-to-reach place thanks to this universal phone holder. Enjoy the hands-free functionality of your phone conveniently from your cup holder.

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