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Driver ends epic fight with trucker by pulling his air horn for him


A fight between two truck drivers ended in one swift yank of the air horn in this stopped-traffic video captured by a motorist. 

In the clip, two drivers are filmed arguing over something in what appears to be stopped traffic. The driver on the outside of the truck gestures aggressively before climbing on the semi truck steps and grabbing the other driver’s arm. That’s when the driver inside the rig grabs a small hammer. 

The driver with the hammer waves it around, but never seems to make contact with the other man, whether intentionally or not, and the driver on the outside eventually calms just a bit and steps off the truck. After just a few moments though, the man climbs back onto the semi step and the driver on the inside points threateningly before pulling up a bit as the traffic moves. 

It’s unclear what conclusion the two men came to, but the driver on the outside yanks the other driver’s air horn before stomping off and getting into an old Yellow daycab towing a poorly-secured minivan and dragging it away while driving on the shoulder, all while holding up everyone’s favorite finger. 

Watch the trucker fight and somewhat satisfying conclusion, below. 


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