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Artur Express continues its work on the leading edge of innovative technology with Kodiak’s autonomous solutions


As the first trucking company to operate electric trucks in Saint Louis, Missouri, Artur Express has its fair share of experience cultivating new technologies and reducing its carbon footprint. Partnering with Kodiak Robotics, a leader in autonomous trucking technology is just another step towards changing the dynamic of transportation and continuing as a leading-edge carrier.

We are looking forward to future technology and how autonomous trucks will transform the way freight moves. Not only will we add autonomous capacity but also improve safety and reduce fuel consumption.” – Tom Tokarczyk, president of Artur Express

Our drivers are central to our current and future success
Artur Express believes that collaborating with Kodiak will not only expand the horizon for our business but will help support our drivers as well. Kodiak’s technology can help give our drivers the tools they need to be successful when delivering loads across the country. Keeping the drivers in mind is always the top priority for Artur Express. We strive to accommodate our drivers’ needs by getting them home on time when needed, providing the lanes they desire, and ensuring they’re in reliable and safe equipment. Having the daily struggle of meeting customer schedules, being DOT compliant, and dealing with regular four-wheelers is only the tip of the iceberg of what drivers face while on the road. Exploring how to implement an autonomous solution to fit our network with Kodiak will be able to open doors for our drivers to be successful and alleviate some of the struggles while operating a CMV on a day-to-day basis.

Being a part of self-driving truck development is extremely exciting as it will transform transportation and save lives. It will also improve the quality of work for our drivers as the technology will increase the ability to have more frequent home time.” – Artur Wagrodzki, president of Artur Express

We are The Truckers Company and always will be
Working with Kodiak on the new adventure of autonomous trucks will enhance our network and operational capabilities. We are creating a tailored roadmap that will specify key uses such as lanes, service models, and more to create an environment for our drivers to go above and beyond! We believe that engaging early with new technologies will provide an extra edge on taking care of our drivers and providing everything they need to perform to the best of their ability for our clients – hence staying true to our tagline: The Truckers Company!


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