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Fire department shames trucker for shutting it down in front of engine bays


Pennsylvania fire department shames trucker for parking in front of their engine bays so he could take a nap. 

Ryan Township Fire and Rescue took to their Facebook page earlier this week to publicly shame a truck driver who blocked access to a fire station. 

“A friendly reminder not to park in front of our engine bays,” the department wrote in the post. 

“Last night the company was requested by hometown fire to assist on a commercial fire. As crews arrived to the station we found a 53’ semi truck parked blocking all 3 bays. The engine was shut off and the driver was sleeping in the sleeper.”

The department goes on to say that the driver would have had a rude awakening had he not moved the rig himself. 

“He had 30 seconds to move on his own or he would have been moved by our front bumper,” they wrote. 

“We realize this post likely won’t make it to his phone but a friendly reminder for the rest of the public. Don’t park in front of emergency service’s bay doors for any reason.”


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