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Four-wheeler causes load shift in desperate attempt to make exit


A four-wheeler causes a serious load shift for a trucker all in the name of making his exit in this video. 

In the clip, the first filming truck driver is heading down the road in the middle lane when a red car in the left lane suddenly realizes they need to take the exit immediately. The red car then cuts directly in front of the rig and causes a collision. The red car then skids out of frame and the semi truck comes to a stop in the lane of travel. 

The dash cam of a second truck then captures the aftermath of the incident as it drives by, revealing that the first tractor trailer’s load of wood shifted during the accident, partially crushing the day cab in the process. 

A few photos of the incident show that the day cab partially crumpled as a result of the collision. 

“So I’m guessing that when the load shifted forward it severed the air lines, locking the trailer brakes, and now the rig is stuck right there in the middle of everything until it gets unf*ked?” commented one viewer. 

“The entire truck cab to the hood is pushed forward, pretty sure no part of that tractor is functional in the least,” added another. 

Watch the unfortunate incident for yourself, below. 


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