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Men caught stealing diesel at a Love’s by purchasing “not ordinary” amount


Two men were arrested for stealing diesel at a Love’s after an employee noticed them purchasing a “not ordinary” amount of fuel. 

The theft took place at about 1:30 p.m. at Love’s Travel Stop on 2974 Lenwood Road in Barstow, California on Thursday, May 30th. 

According to Victorville Daily Press, the two men drove a tractor trailer to the Love’s and used began pumping fuel using a fraudulent access code. The truck was outfitted with additional tanks, allowing the men to pump a larger amount of fuel than normal. 

An employee at the Love’s then noticed that the men had pumped more than $3,500 worth of fuel, “which was not ordinary and consistent with theft,” police wrote in a Facebook post. 

Police were called to the scene and determined that the suspects had used a fraudulent code to access the fuel at a discounted rate, and that “the tractor’s gas tank receiver had a mechanism, which redirected the fuel to four additional large tanks that were concealed in the trailer.”

Both men were arrested on suspicion of grand theft, burglary and fraud for stealing diesel at a Love’s Their identities have not been released, but the two were described as men in their 30’s from North Hollywood. They have since been released on bail.


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