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Motorist too busy messing with trucker to notice cop


Motorist too busy messing with trucker to notice the cop who eventually put a stop to it in this dash cam video. 

The video starts with a truck driver trying to merge onto a highway, but a female motorist in a Jeep decides it’s the right day to mess with a trucker. 

“Minding my business merging on the highway when this lady flys [sic] up behind me and tries to stop me from merging. Look in the mirror,” the video reads. 

The driver slows down, trying to let the motorist pass, but she’s having none of it and stays right beside the trucker. 

“I realize she’s doing it on purpose,” the video reads as the driver blows his horn at her. The driver also confirms in the video that he’s had his blinker on for quite some time and that the motorist was definitely trying to keep him from getting over. 

This goes on for so long that the trucker is forced onto the shoulder of the highway. Eventually the motorist lets the trucker into a proper lane and seems as if she is going to drive off for good. Instead, she brake checks the rig again, now annoying the trucker “because she’s putting me and the others around us at risk.”

The motorist then pulls ahead again and seems to finally be done with the whole incident, but the trucker stays way back just in case. Just then, an officer pulls into frame, so the trucker decides to test the motorist one more time to see if she’ll try something again. 

“I put my left turn signal on and she thinks I’m going left. Wrong,” the trucker writes. The motorist then tries to pull in front of the trucker and brake check them again, almost cutting off the police officer in the process, but the trucker instead pulls into the right lane and avoids the woman’s antics, but is forced to drive partially on the shoulder because the motorist has pulled up next to him again. 

She eventually lets him into the lane, but tries to pull one more brake check. At that point, the officer has seen enough and pulls her over, getting a laugh from the trucker. 

Watch the extended highway harassment, below. 

@2unruly2 Some well deserved karma for a pos driver #dashcam #trucking #freightliner #peterbilt #kenworth #w900 #379peterbilt #389peterbilt #karma ♬ original sound – 2unruly2

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