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Pennsylvania and Ohio to ban certain tractor trailer travel for winter weather


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, and Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission will ban certain tractor travel travel for winter weather conditions.

Pennsylvania CMV Travel Restrictions For January 12

Due to high winds and winter weather, Pennsylvania authorities plan to restrict certain commercial vehicles from travel on the afternoon of Friday, January 12.

“The forecast on Friday evening starts with winds and moves to snow on Saturday through Monday. That means our crews, especially in Erie County, must be ready for different roadway needs,” said Aaron Fox, PennDOT Assistant District 1 Executive – Maintenance. “Our staff will be ready for whatever the weather brings, and we are asking motorists to be partners in keeping everyone safe.”

Starting at 2 p.m. on Friday, January 12, Tier 2 restrictions are planned on I-76 (PA Turnpike) from New Stanton (Exit 75) to Breezewood (Exit 161).

Starting at 4 p.m. on Friday, January 12, Tier 2 restrictions are planned for the entire length of I-86 and I-90 in Erie County.

The following vehicles are not permitted under Tier 2 restrictions:

  • Tractors without trailers.
  • Tractors towing unloaded or lightly loaded enclosed trailers, open trailers or tank trailers.
  • Tractors towing unloaded or lightly loaded tandem trailers.
  • Tractors towing loaded tandem trailers unless there are chains or another approved Alternate Traction Devices (ADTs).
  • Enclosed unloaded or lightly loaded cargo delivery trucks/box trucks that meet the definition of a CMV.
  • Passenger vehicles (cars, SUV’s, pickup trucks, etc.) towing trailers.
  • Recreational vehicles/motorhomes.
  • School buses, commercial buses and motor coaches regardless of the availability of trains or ATDs.
  • Motorcycles.

Authorities say that the vehicle restrictions are subject to change with the weather conditions.

For the latest Pennsylvania travel information, you can visit 511PA.

Ohio Turnpike Travel Restrictions For January 13

The Ohio Turnpike will also ban all High-Profile Vehicles from Toll Plaza 2 to Toll Plaza 23 in both directions due to winter weather.

The Ohio Turnpike travel ban goes into effect on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 12:01 a.m. and lasts through Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 6:00 p.m.

Specifically the following vehicle types are included in the Ohio Turnpike travel ban:

  • All high-profile* tow-behind trailers, campers, boats, and enclosed trailers (excluding 5th wheel trailers) * – High-profile is defined as height exceeding 7’-6”.
  • Commercial trucks towing an empty single 53-foot trailer
  • All mobile homes, office trailers and livestock trailers.
  • All long combination vehicle (LCV) long double-trailer combinations exceeding 90-feet in length. (enclosed trailers only, including Conestoga type trailers)
  • All LCV triple-trailer combinations.

NOT included in the Ohio Turnpike Travel Ban:

  • Self-propelled motor homes
  • Low-profile trailers
  • Fold-down camper trailers
  • Pickup trucks with slide-on camper units
  • Vehicles towing fifth-wheel type trailers, or any other type of trailers towed by passenger vehicles or pickup trucks. 
  • Commercial trucks towing single flatbed or box-type trailers
  • Commercial trucks towing a single fifty-three (53) foot trailer
  • Commercial trucks towing a car hauler trailer
  • Commercial trucks towing flatbed double-trailer combinations in excess of ninety (90) feet
  • Commercial trucks towing any double-trailer combinations less than ninety (90) feet.
  • 2-axle buses less than forty (40) feet
  • Buses with 3 or more axles less than forty-five (45) feet

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