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Sophisticated trucker has hot take on driver uniforms


A trucker gives off sophisticated vibes in this fun mini video interview by a trucking company with an online presence. 

“What would you change about trucking if you could,” the interviewer asks the trucker to start the video

The driver takes a moment to think about his answer before stating “Change the uniforms.”

“You gotta to have a certain formal wear,” he continues. “I like the button up shirt. I’ll wear a tie if I could, with some jeans…. Just for the fun of it. Just to piss people off. Because we used to have respect. If you want to have respect you have to look respect.”

“Y’all see the boots,” the interviewer says. He’s not a flip flop, not a croc wearin’…”

“I gotta have some shoes on man,” the driver agrees. “No one wants to see all that. You can’t conduct business and stuff.”

“You’re still a professional driver at the end of the day. You gotta represent yourself. And the company,” the interviewer continued. 

Watch the somewhat charming approach to trucker-wear in the video, below.


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