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These drivers should sue for such a horrible merge setup


An absolutely horrible merge setup is caught on the dash cam of a driver that ended up in a clearly well-traveled median. 

The video opens with a trucker traveling through a construction zone, supposedly near the Love’s exit near Rolla, Missouri. A blue rig then uses the makeshift on-ramp and either doesn’t look, or doesn’t realize that the on ramp leads straight into the lanes of traffic with zero merge lane. 

The horrible merge then forces the filming driver off the one-lane highway and onto a median that appears to have been driven on before, perhaps for a similar reason. 

“Looks like the stretch of 44 between Rolla and St. James. There’s been at least a hundred trucks run off the road through there while they piddel playing at road construction. There ought to be a law forcing highway work to be 3 shifts, 24/7 until it’s complete,” commented one user. 

“You can see him coming from a while away, but you typically don’t expect for the merging ramp to end and force a merge immediately. Typically, there’s a fairly large space for them to gain speed before merging. Honestly, I’d sue the city for such a horrendous situation. Also, 100% on the merger to make sure the space is clear and safe to merge onto the highway,” added another. 

Watch the video for yourself, below.

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