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Truckers need more bikers like the guy in this video


A biker becomes the hero every trucker needs in this GoPro video filmed by the guy on the bike. 

In the clip, the biker approaches a daycab flatbedder trying to turn right onto a narrow street where cars keep getting in the way. Instead of just driving on by, the biker turns onto the street, pops a u-turn, a wedges himself in front of the third car in line at the stop sign. 

After the first two cars make their turn, the third car is stopped far enough back by the biker that the trucker can finally make the turn without the hassle of playing chicken with a motorist who won’t throw it in reverse. 

The biker then goes on his way and everyone gets back to their lives without feeling irritated thanks to the kind actions of this guy on a motorcycle. 

“See guys, we can be friends…” reads the video caption. 

Watch the helpful biker, below. 


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