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WATCH: Jeep drives into semi truck’s lane just to pass slow SUV


Jeep drives into semi truck’s lane, risking it all just to pass an SUV they don’t want to drive behind. 

In the video, a tractor trailer is pulling up to an intersection and moving into the left turn lane when an oncoming baby blue Jeep suddenly decides they can’t stand driving behind another car for another second. The Jeep then leaves its lane, crosses the double yellow, and drives into the left turn lane, right in front of the oncoming semi truck. 

The driver lays on the horn and utters a few choice words in response to the bad decision, but manages to hit the brakes and avoid disaster. Good job, driver. 

Watch the video below. 

Dumbass Jeeper doesn’t have time to obey traffic laws. [oc]
byu/Prudent-Dentist-1439 inIdiotsInCars

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