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WATCH: Trucker pulls off unreal save when motorhome pulls right in front of him


A trucker prevents serious wreck with a motorhome blocking a highway in this video footage of an incredible near-miss. 

In the video, a motorhome towing a car is waiting at a stop sign to enter a highway and cross to the other side. The motorist lets one truck pass, but then suddenly decides it’s his turn, and pulls out onto the highway. The motorist then stops at the median crossover, leaving most of the motorhome and all of the towed car, blocking the lanes of traffic on the highway. 

As the motorhome is stopped blocking traffic, an oncoming blue semi truck comes into frame traveling at highway speeds. The motorhome forces the truck driver to take immediate evasive action, and the driver hits the brakes and takes the rig into the center median crossover. The truck driver is able to skid to a stop without hitting the motorhome. 

Having avoided a catastrophe, the truck driver then lays on the horn. After a few moments, the motorist pulls out onto the other side of the highway and continues on like they didn’t just cause thousands of dollars of damage to the trucker’s load. The truck driver is eventually able to throw it in reverse and get back onto the highway. 

“Whatever he’s got in the trailer is a crushed up mess now. Surely going to be a call to the claims office. Hopefully he won’t get an overweight ticket for being heavy on the nose,” wrote one viewer

“That’s the best piece of driving I’ve seen in a long time. Outstanding job on the truckers part,” praised another. 

“This is honestly why I hung up the keys. 23 years and I felt like I’d stretched my luck as thin as it could get,” wrote a third. 

Watch the video for yourself below.


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