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Week-long brake blitz to focus on brake linings and pads


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) shared details on a week-long brake blitz coming in August 2024.

Brake Safety Week Dates And Focus Area Announced

This year, the CVSA’s Brake Safety Week will take place August 25 — 31 throughout North America.

Brake Safety Week is an educational and enforcement initiative during which law enforcement will conduct regular commercial vehicle inspections with a special emphasis on on brake systems and components. Trucks with major brake violations will be placed out-of-service until the violations are corrected.

The purpose of the brake blitz is to reduce highway crashes related to brake system malfunctions. Brake-related violations comprise the largest percentage of all out-of-service vehicle violations cited during roadside inspections, according to the CVSA.

The area of emphasis for Brake Safety Week 2024 will be on the condition of brake linings and pads.

What To Expect During Brake Safety Week Inspection

Also as part of Brake Safety Week, inspectors will collect data on brake violations and report back to the CVSA. Some law enforcement agencies will deploy performance-based brake testers (PBBT) as part of Brake Safety Week.

See the eleven step brake inspection procedure below.

CVSA Brake Inspection Procedure

Step 1: Choose the inspection site

Step 2: Safety considerations

Step 3: Check air brake mechanical components

Step 4: Check steering axle air brake mechanical components

Step 5: Build the air pressure to 90-100 psi

Step 6: Check brake adjustment

Step 7: Check the tractor protection system

Step 8: Check the air brake ABS system (if applicable)

Step 9: Test low air pressure warning device

Step 10: Test air loss rate

Step 11: Finalize paperwork and provide the results to the driver (e.g., out-of-service, etc.)

Brake Safety Week is not the only CVSA enforcement effort on the horizon. CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week is scheduled for July 7 — 13, 2024, throughout North America.


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