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Wis. trucking company builds luxury headquarters in attempt to retain drivers


A Wisconsin trucking company recently moved into a headquarters building with top-notch trucker amenities in an attempt to reduce driver turnover. 

Family-owned Midwest Carriers in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, near Little Chute recently constructed a facility that kept the needs of truck drivers at the center of the project. The facility boasts indoor bays for pre and post trip inspections, truck washing, and other maintenance, a 24/7 driver’s lounge with two quiet rooms, a full kitchen, fitness center, and laundry and shower facilities, reported SpectrumNews1.

“Really, from the beginning of this project, it was the driver we had in mind,” said company President Eric Van Handel. “As you can see when you drove in, beautiful concrete parking lot. It’s not gravel. There aren’t potholes. It’s very safe, it’s very clean.”

“I was looking forward to this building opening so I could stay at the yard more often and have the comfort and security of knowing I’m at the yard,” said Midwest Carriers driver Phil Gilbert.  “I’m not a truck stop where I may or may not have the amenities.”

“I love driving,” he continued. “I love seeing the people out there. I go to truck stops and talk to other drivers. I have pride about helping America eat and have all the stuff that they have. Everything everybody has comes from a truck.”

“We feel that making those investments leads to happy drivers, happy employees and happy customers that want to stick with you,” Van Hadel added. “Ultimately, it is better for your business. But it’s a little bit of a leap of faith at times to make those investments.”


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