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Texas can expect fully self-driving semi trucks by 2024, autonomous freight company says

An autonomous freight company says it expects to launch fully autonomous semi trucks on highways throughout the state of Texas by next year.  Aurora, a company with an autonomous truck terminal in Palmer, Texas just 30 miles...

Bill to outlaw self-driving semis without a human in the cab vetoed by California Governor

California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a high-profile bill that would have banned the operation of autonomous big rigs without a human driver inside the cab.

Companies deploy AI-powered self-driving big rigs to haul commercial loads between Dallas and Houston

This week, autonomous driving tech company Waabi announced a partnership with Uber Freight to deploy "AI-powered autonomous trucks at scale" hauling commercial load.

California Senate passes bill outlawing self-driving trucks without a human driver on board

California lawmakers are poised to pass landmark legislation to ban the operation of heavy duty autonomous vehicles without a human drive inside the cab. On Monday, the California Senate passed AB 316 by a 36 -- 2 vote....

Pilot opens first self-driving truck terminal in Georgia

On Thursday, self-driving truck company Kodiak Robotics Inc. and the Pilot Company announced the opening of the first 'truckport' designed to support self-driving commercial vehicles in Georgia.

Self-driving taxi involved in crash with turning truck in San Francisco

On Monday, an autonomous Cruise robotaxi collided with a truck in San Francisco, according to reports. The crash happened on the morning of August 7 on Stanyan and Oak near Golden Gate Park, according to the San Francisco...

Self-driving truck maker’s semis can avoid traditional roadside inspections and weigh stations under pilot program

Kodiak Robotics announced that it is the first company to pilot the the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) "Enhanced Inspection" program for autonomous or driverless trucks.

Eight hundred trucks ordered to launch ‘world’s first’ self-driving trucking company

On Thursday, a major self-driving truck technology company announced a new partnership to launch the "world's first trucking company dedicated to autonomous freight transportation. On June 22, Kodiak Robotics Inc. announced that Denver-headquartered logistics platform Loadsmith ordered...

Volvo prepares to launch self-driving truck lanes in Texas

On Thursday, Volvo announced major plans to begin autonomous truck operations for customers in Texas.

Self-driving trucks to haul temperature-controlled loads for C.R. England as part of long-haul pilot

On Tuesday, self-driving vehicle technology company Torc Robotics announced a major partnership with Utah-headquartered trucking company C.R. England.

Bill outlawing self-driving trucks without a human driver on board advances in California

California lawmakers have advanced a high-profile bill that would ban the operation of heavy autonomous vehicles without a human in the cab.

Self-driving trucks to haul Tyson Foods freight in C.R. England reefer trailers between Dallas and San Antonio

On Thursday, autonomous truck tech company Kodiak Robotics, Inc. announced a partnership with C.R. England to haul freight for Tyson Foods in Texas as part of a pilot program.

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