DOT Secretary under fire for taking unannounced paternity leave amid supply chain chaos

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is facing criticism for taking multiple weeks of paid family leave while the trucking and transportation industry faces mounting supply chain woes.

Cross-border truckers must be fully vaccinated by January 2022, feds say

This week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rolled out a sweeping new vaccine mandate for essential cross-border travelers -- including truck drivers -- that will go into effect in just a few months.

Texas governor bans employee vaccine mandates

On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took a stand against the Biden administration's push to require COVID-19 vaccination or testing for employees of large...

Costco cites ‘truck and driver shortages’ in decision to limit toilet paper sales

ail giant Costco will start limiting the amount of toilet paper and other supplies that customers can purchase due to the lingering effects of the pandemic as well as supply chain issues.

Truckers are once again trying to rally fellow drivers in a strike for medical freedom

Rumors of a trucker strike are once again circling the internet as online trucking groups work to speak out against medical mandates.  From Facebook groups...

Trucking group warns that vaccine mandates could lead to ‘massive driver exodus’

A leading trucking trade group recently issued a statement on a controversial White House vaccination mandate, asking group members to contact lawmakers to explain how the plan could be disastrous for the industry as a whole.

Vaccine mandates are here — This is how truck drivers and trucking companies are responding

f a federal vaccine mandate affecting tens of millions of workers upended the trucking industry, sending some drivers spiraling and some companies scrambling for a response to a nearly impossible situation.

Biden orders employee vaccine mandates for companies with more than 100 workers

k against COVID-19, the Biden Administration has rolled out a plan that will demand that large employers require workers get vaccinated in a move that is expected to affect 80 million people working in the private sector.

Anti-vaccine-mandate protest in the works for US truckers, drivers claim

→ Read the August 31, 2021 Update: Here's what's happening so far... A trucker-founded anti-vaccine mandate protest is seemingly in the works for the end...

Biden pressures private employers to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for workers.

Top White House officials are attempting to increase vaccination rates by urging private employers to require workers to get the jab.

Canada to mandate vaccines for most transportation workers — but not truckers

Canadian officials say that while most members of the transportation industry will be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine, no vaccine requirements will be...

Truck stop giant to drop mask requirements for fully vaccinated customers

Love's Travel Stops announced that the company will be ending face mask requirements for some customers and employees starting next week

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