Texas DPS releases new information on team trucker shooting incident that left one driver...

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has released the identity of a truck driver who was fatally shot by police last week after reportedly shooting his co-driver multiple times

Indiana trooper injured when her stopped cruiser was sideswiped by a tanker truck

An Indiana State Police (ISP) trooper was hospitalized on Monday following a crash involving a semi truck while she was responding to a previous crash.

Suspect found sleeping in cab of stolen rig 

A man was arrested last week after he was found sleeping inside of the rig he stole.  The arrest occurred on Monday, October 19th in Colton, California. 

$11.4 million worth of drugs seized from two trucks at Texas border crossing

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently seized more than $11 million worth of illegal drugs during two enforcement actions on the same day. Both drug seizures occurred...

One dead in officer-involved shooting after team driver reported being shot by co-driver

Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the fatal shooting of a person in Texas on Friday morning following a pursuit of an 18 wheeler that led to a shootout with police

Another meat trailer theft reported in Nebraska

Cargo thieves in Nebraska stole a truck and trailer loaded with meat out of York.

Sheriff: Trucker found to be held at gunpoint after acting strangely during phone call...

A truck driver was rescued from being held at gunpoint by a couple in Missouri early on Monday after his employer contacted police because of a strange phone call. 

Semi driver cited for ‘following too closely’ after collision with scooter

A Virginia Sheriff says that a truck driver was ticketed following a crash that a scooter rider who was lucky to have escaped from without serious injury.

Three semi trailers loaded with meat stolen in Nebraska over the weekend, latest in...

Police in Grand Island, Nebraska, are investigating a meat cargo theft incident that occurred over the weekend and investigating whether it could be connected to a larger meat cargo theft ring.

Truck driver, warehouse workers, charged with stealing $425K worth of fitness trackers

Four people have been charged in connection with a major cargo theft scheme in Texas.

Trucking company accused of defrauding Postal Service, making $1.67 million in unauthorized fuel purchases

A North Carolina jury ruled a trucking company and its operations manager liable for making more than $1.6 million in unauthorized fuel purchases while under United States Postal Service contracts.

Trucker is “not a monster but did what he did,” in murder case involving...

A truck driver has pleaded guilty to homicide charges in a case involving the murder of a former model in Pennsylvania.  The murder of Rebecca Landrith was committed in...

Florida moving company owner admits to scheme to defraud more than 1800 customers

A Florida resident recently pleaded guilty to a multi-million dollar moving company conspiracy.

Pickup driver fled after causing semi hauling double trailers to jackknife and overturn, police...

A Michigan sheriff's office is trying to track down a motorist who left the scene of a semi truck crash yesterday. The crash occurred around 3:15 p.m. on...

$2.3 million worth of meth seized from truck at Texas border crossing

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers recently seized millions of dollars worth of illegal drugs from a truck arriving from Mexico into Texas.

Man who stepped in front of semi truck was suspect in wife’s murder 

A man suspected in his wife’s murder killed himself by stepping in front of a semi truck in Wisconsin over the weekend.  The incident took place on the afternoon...