‘Massive meth takedown’ — $8.3 million worth of drugs seized from big rig at...

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents recently seized millions of dollars worth of illegal drugs and arrested a truck driver at a port of entry in Laredo, Texas.

Ringleader sentenced to prison for nationwide moving company racketeering scheme

A Miami man has been sentenced to prison for orchestrating a scheme to defraud thousands of customers through moving companies located across the country. On December 20, 2022,...
Fake Plate

Police not fooled by trucker’s fake license plate

California police say that a semi truck driver's homemade license plate led them to uncover a number of other major violations.
Drivers Lounge

Woman crashes into truck stop drivers lounge, blames sandal

Wisconsin police say that they filed multiple charges against a motorist who crashed her car into the drivers lounge area of a truck stop.
Staged Accidents

Report: Feds are looking into staged crashes targeting truckers in New Orleans

A new report from a Louisiana news outlet indicates that federal authorities are investigating a series of suspicious accidents that may be insurance fraud targeting truckers and their insurance companies.
I-65 Note

Police share heartbreaking handwritten note from truck driver in triple fatal crash

Today, the police agency that charged a truck driver following a fatal multi-vehicle pileup has shared a short handwritten note from him.

Police ask for help identifying truck logo to help solve murder case

Police in a Texas town are asking for help in identifying the logo on a semi truck in hopes that the driver may have information that will help them solve a homicide case.
Student Driver

Trucking school owner sentenced for selling Commercial Driver’s Licenses to unqualified drivers

Last week, the owner of a California truck driving school was sentenced to prison for his part in scheme to sell Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL) to drivers who did not earn them.

Guy wanted for stealing a semi truck last week arrested for stealing a second...

A South Carolina man who was already wanted by police for stealing a semi truck last week was finally captured by law enforcement after he stole another big rig this week.

Driver cited for refusal to wear a mask, chucking license at official

A truck driver was cited last week after refusing to wear a mask and becoming ‘disorderly’ with an official.  The incident happened on Monday afternoon, August 31st at the...

Truckers charged in $450 MILLION tobacco smuggling ring

This week, authorities charged more than a dozen people involved in a large scale tobacco smuggling operation using tractor trailers.

Crime organization busted in Alabama after agents ID semi truck

Four men have been arrested after an investigation into a known drug trafficking organization.  The bust happened on October 16th in Birmingham, Alabama.  According to WTVY...

Thieves pose as truck drivers in “highly sophisticated” nut heist

Two men are awaiting trial after allegedly posing as truck drivers at a nut distribution center and attempting to steal $200,000 worth of pistachios.  The attempted robbery occurred on...

FMCSA orders Arizona truck driver out of service for drugged crash that killed five...

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued a federal out of service order following a crash that killed multiple people earlier this month.

POLICE: Truck driver shot two motorists in possible road rage incident

Police are investigating a shooting between a truck driver and two people in a pickup in Georgia on Monday morning.  The incident happened at around 9:45 a.m. on January...

Still no justice for trucker killed and robbed at remote logging site last month

A group of truckers is demanding answers regarding a fellow driver that was murdered and potentially robbed at a remote logging site last month.  72-year-old Thearthor Dixon was found...