Road Rage Shooting

Louisiana man arrested for shooting at semi truck in I-10 road rage incident

Louisiana State Police say that a man has been issued multiple charges after he opened fire on a semi truck during a road rage incident.
Meth Bust

Massive shipment of liquid meth seized at Mexico/U.S. border

Federal authorities say that they seized more than 1500 pounds of liquid methamphetamine at a commercial cargo facility on Wednesday.

Truckers warned about theft ring at Illinois rest stops

The Illinois Department of Transportation has issued a warning about a theft ring targeting truckers at two rest stop locations.
Secret Compartment

Tip leads to startling discovery in dump truck’s secret compartment

Texas police and Border Patrol say that they recently discovered dozens of people concealed inside a dump truck's hidden compartment.

Woman sentenced for trying to end police pursuit by shooting at semis on I-70

A Missouri woman has been sentenced to federal prison for shooting at multiple semi trucks during a high speed police chase in 2016.
No Straps

Driver gives head-scratching excuse for not strapping down load

Officials in Georgia say that they caught a truck driver who had an unusual reason for his load securement violation.

Woman charged with homicide after crash that killed two truckers

A Georgia motorist is facing several charges following a deadly crash early Friday morning.
Fort Hall

Man who beat sleeping trucker with rocks gets short sentence

An Idaho man who pled guilty to charges related to beating a truck driver during a robbery attempt was sentenced to prison this week.

Man sentenced for scheming to steal trucking company from owners

Federal authorities say that an Indiana man was sentenced to more than 4 years in prison for a fraud scheme he allegedly perpetrated against the owners of a trucking company.
Laredo Sector

Border agents pursue fleeing truck, make two major busts

Texas Border Patrol agents say that they discovered dozens of illegal aliens and a "sizable" amount of illegal drugs after chasing down a truck driver who refused to stop.

Argument over working conditions at trucking co. ends with 2 family members dead

Texas police say that two men who worked together at a trucking company are dead following a murder-suicide on Tuesday.
Canada Border Meth

Border agents say they caught truck driver with $25 million worth of meth

Canadian border agents say that they intercepted millions of dollars worth of illegal drugs from a commercial vehicle making a border crossing.

Texas couple sentenced for semi truck tire theft conspiracy

This week, a Texas husband and wife team were sentenced to federal prison and ordered to pay millions in restitution for their role in orchestrating a major commercial vehicle tire theft ring.
Huber Heights

$54K worth of semi truck tires stolen, cross-country theft ring suspected

Ohio police are asking for help from the public in cracking a truck tire theft case.
I-65 Note

Police share heartbreaking handwritten note from truck driver in triple fatal crash

Today, the police agency that charged a truck driver following a fatal multi-vehicle pileup has shared a short handwritten note from him.
I-65 Boone County

Police: Truck driver in triple fatal pileup was reportedly distracted by coffee

A truck driver is facing multiple felony charges following a deadly pileup crash in Indiana on Sunday.