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The life of a trucker is a demanding profession, both mentally and physically.  Find helpful articles, tips, advice, and recipes to help improve your quality of life on the road.

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In-Cab Cooking: Hearty But Healthy Lasagna

Everyone here at CDL Life wants truck drivers to be health-conscious because it's no secret that the transportation industry is experiencing problems with driver obesity and all the metabolic syndromes associated with extra weight. That doesn't mean that truckers can't have hearty meals that make the long haul bearable. Just a couple of adjustments here and there can make your in-cab meal hearty and heart-healthy too! Let's get started.
Truck Driver Health Habits

Healthy Habits Through Homophily

A new study in the journal Science concludes that when it comes to developing and keeping up with healthy habits, finding a friend or two who want to build them with you is the best thing. Why?
Truckers Drink Too Much Soda

Truck Stop Soda Fountain Facts

Health issues due to metabolic conditions are on the rise in the trucking industry. Are diet drinks and sugary sodas directly to blame? The conclusion may surprise you...
Who spilled the beans?

Find Out How to Kill Yourself With Caffeine

The big misconception about caffeine is that it's a good antidote to drowsiness and can effectively stave off sleep. The fact is, the stimulating effects of caffeine wear out pretty quickly.
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