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The life of a trucker is a demanding profession, both mentally and physically.  Find helpful articles, tips, advice, and recipes to help improve your quality of life on the road.

Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

4 Overlooked Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

Being on the road for days, weeks, or months at a time can make romantic relationships tough. Many trucking couples struggle with issues involving trust, loneliness, and lack of intimacy. On the other hand, many...
Shorter, More Frequent Workouts

It All Adds Up: The Benefits Of Breaking Up Your Workouts

In an ideal world, you'd be able to make it to the gym to work out for a full hour five days a week. Newsflash. This is not an ideal world, especially for truckers. A full...
Zika Facts

Zika Virus “Spreading Explosively”: 9 Facts You Should Know

Public health officials all over the world are alarmed about the spread of the Zika virus. The headlines about the rapid spread of the virus are scary, but should you be concerned? Here's what...
Home Time Increases Driver Productivity

Study: Extra Home Time Improves Driver Productivity And Performance

A new study from Stay Metrics says that not only does more home time help truckers drive better, it also improves the bottom line for the companies they work for. The study was conducted by Dr....
Trucker Beards Keep You Healthy

The Weird Way Your Beard Might Be Keeping You Healthy

The word "clean" is probably not the first thing you think of when you see a trucker's beard -- but new research shows that being clean shaven isn't very clean after all. According to a...

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

There are a lot of reasons to skip breakfast. You don't have the time. You don't have the money. You're not hungry in the morning. You can't find good options. But skipping breakfast can...
6 Strange Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiency

6 Unexpected Reasons That You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

There are a lot of reasons to skip breakfast. You don't have the time. You don't have the money. You're not hungry in the morning. You can't find good options. But skipping breakfast can...
Dog Flu

Dog Flu: 10 Things Drivers With Furry Copilots Need To Know

Canine influenza -- or dog flu -- has been found in dogs for the past several years, but a new strain of the flu has sickened over 2000 dogs in the past year alone....
Cough Warning Signs

When Should You Worry About Your Cough?

This time of year, it seems like almost everyone has a cough -- and once you catch a cough, it can be hard to get rid of. But when does a normal winter annoyance turn...
Sneaky Signs Of Diabetes

6 Sneaky Signs That You Might Be Developing Diabetes

One of the scariest things about diabetes is that it can really sneak up on you -- especially if you're living the trucking lifestyle. 25% of people who are diabetic do not know that they...
Slow Cooker Tips

5 Slow Cooker Tips That Every Driver Who Cooks In Their Truck Needs Now

For truck drivers who are interested in saving money and eating healthy, a slow cooker can be an essential tool for creating cheap, healthy food that's ready when you're finished driving. But are you...
Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs

Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Have Warning Signs — But Most People Ignore Them

A new study suggests that "sudden" cardiac arrest may actually be accompanied by weeks of warning signs -- and if patients pay attention to these signs, it can dramatically increase their chances of surviving. Sudden...
Raynaud's Syndrome

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Raynaud’s Syndrome

If you're a truck driver, odds are fairly good that you suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome -- and you might not even know that you have it. Raynaud's is a condition that causes certain parts of...
Preventing Heart Disease In 2 Steps

Heart Failure Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

Approximately 5.1 million Americans suffer from heart failure. Sadly, half of those diagnosed will die within 5 years of diagnosis.
Kissing Bug

Keep Disease-Spreading Kissing Bugs Away From Your Truck

An insect called the "kissing bug" which can spread a potentially deadly disease has made its way from Mexico and South America into over half of  U.S. states. The kissing bug -- so named because...
Single Crockpot Turkey Dinnervideo

VIDEO: Cook An Entire Turkey Dinner In One Crockpot

Learn how to make a potato, veggie, and -- of course -- turkey feast all in a single crockpot! Video Credit: TosTinMan EasyCooking

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