Laws & Regulations

DOT needs your help defining ‘agricultural commodity’ and ‘livestock’

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) put out a request for comment on revising the definitions of the terms 'agricultural commodity' and 'livestock' as they relate to truck driver hours of service (HOS) regulations ahead of impending plans to alter those definitions to provide farmers and truckers with increased flexibility.

FMCSA to examine violence against female & minority truckers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced plans to conduct a survey on the prevalence and severity of race and gender related harassment and violence experienced by women and minority truck drivers.

Road rage shootings are getting so bad in one city that...

Citing an increase in gun violence on the city's roadways, Memphis police are teaming up with Tennessee troopers for a major enforcement operation.


Veteran Trucker Convoy

40 year veteran trucker honored with one last convoy

A truck driver who spent decades behind the wheel was recently accompanied on his final ride by a convoy of semi trucks.
2 Tired

Truck driver is ‘two tired’ to notice what he’s missing

A truck driver's wheely scary misadventure is captured on dash cam.
Bottle Cap Challenge

Watch a trucker nail the Bottle Cap Challenge

Check out this video to see a trucker take on the viral Bottle Cap Challenge.
This video shows you exactly why semi truck anti-idling laws are inhumane

This video shows you exactly why semi truck anti-idling laws are inhumane

The CDLLife team created a video to illustrate just how dangerous anti-idling laws can be for truckers.
Off Roading

Trucker veers off interstate, goes off-roading

A New York motorist's dash cam captured a semi truck suddenly leaving the interstate and plowing through a ditch into a road sign.

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