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Troopers issued over 800 tickets to truckers who ignored travel ban

Pennsylvania State Police issued nearly a quarter of a million dollars' worth of citations to truck drivers during a weather related travel ban earlier this week.

Troopers drop speed limit on 14 miles of interstate for ‘tire...

Indiana officials say that potholes have become such a problem on one interstate that they'll be dramatically reducing the recommended speed limit this weekend.

Company says ‘it’s not pot’, sues Idaho State Police

A company has filed a lawsuit against state and local authorities after they say that a truckload of industrial hemp was wrongly identified as marijuana. 


Trucker pushes flood-stranded car to safety

Trucker pushes flood-stranded car to safety

A local news crew captured the moment that a truck driver came to the aid of a car driver stranded by flood waters.
Trucker shows off big rig drift skills in viral video

Trucker shows off expert level drifting on snowy highway

A video clip capturing a truck driver's antics on a snowy road has gone viral and sparked online debate about the fine line between fun and highway safety.
Trucker blamed for T-boning cop while skidding in icy intersection

Trucker blamed for T-boning cop while skidding in icy intersection

A truck driver has been cited after he crashed into a Wisconsin police officer's cruiser as he slid through an icy intersection during an incident that was caught on dash cam video.

Truck driver’s slick maneuver helps him avoid 24-vehicle pileup

A dash cam clip of a trucker avoiding a 24-vehicle pileup was recently released, showing the driver's quick maneuver that prevented him from adding to the pileup. The footage was filmed on January 29th, on...
Video of a tractor trailer sliding helplessly will remind you that ice is no joke

Freezing rain causes tractor trailer to slide helplessly on interstate

A motorist captured unnerving footage of a semi truck that lost control on an icy New York roadway this morning. The video was captured by Facebook user Yolanda Zaid on northbound I-190 in Buffalo, New York...

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