Laws & Regulations

FMCSA just released visor cards to help officers and drivers that...

There is apparently so much confusion about the proper use of Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technology out there in the trucking and law enforcement community that federal authorities were forced to put together a graphic instructional guide.

Georgia county shuts down excessive semi truck boot fees

A Georgia county has enacted a new law that limits the power of vehicle booting companies that prey on parked semi trucks.

DOT Doctor busted for handing out bogus trucker medical certificates

A Georgia doctor will face more than two years in prison for providing CDL holders with medical certificates when they hadn't actually undergone physical examinations to assess whether they were fit to drive.


Check out this impressive display of horse power as two draft horses rescue a semi truck stuck on an icy hill in Minnesota this week.

Watch: Two horses save a semi truck stuck on an icy hill

Check out this impressive display of horsepower as two draft horses rescue a semi truck stuck on an icy hill in Minnesota this week.
Trucker passing illegally nearly hits trooper head on

Close call: Trooper dodges head-on semi

After an Oklahoma trooper's close call with a semi truck illegally passing went viral, many social media users are questioning the trooper's response to the incident.

Dash cam captures out of control apple truck on Pacheco Pass

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has shared incredible dash cam video of a two truck crash that left Pacheco Pass covered in apple sauce.
Mel's Diner

‘Parked’ semi rolls into diner while driver eats inside

Customers at a diner in California got the surprise of their lives when a parked truck rolled across the parking lot and plowed into several cars.
School bus road rage

Watch a semi truck and school bus duel on a Texas interstate

Take a look at a truck driver's dangerous response after he is cut off by a school bus.

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