Laws & Regulations

Texas town to start cracking down on trucks parked on commercial...

The city of Midland, Texas, is at work on a new ordinance that would keep truckers from parking on commercial properties like store parking lots.

Illinois Walmart hit with $50,000 fine for allowing truck parking

A Walmart store in Springfield, Illinois, is facing tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines for allowing tractor trailers to park in the store's lot.

Illinois AG sues trucking company for over 4000 gallon diesel fuel...

The office of the Illinois Attorney General announced that they have filed suit against a trucking company for a major fuel spill that allegedly contaminated a pond.



VIDEO: Truck with oversized load clobbers Houston overpasses

A motorist's dash cam captured the moment that an oversized load slammed into two I-10 overpasses in Houston, Texas.
Motorist shares video of erratic truck driver, company blames windvideo

Motorist shares video of “erratic” truck driver, company blames wind

A motorist has shared dash cam video of a semi truck weaving on Highway 1 in Saskatchewan.
If you can't figure out what they're saying without subtitles, you need to get a CBvideo

If you can’t figure out what they’re saying without subtitles, you need to get...

Check out this hilarious tribute to CB slang featuring NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace!

VIDEO: Impatience nearly kills SUV driver who can’t wait for a truck to turn

A California SUV driver decides to tempt fate and try to pass a truck making a left turn. 
Watch a fireworks show courtesy of this runaway trailervideo

Watch a fireworks show courtesy of this runaway trailer

Sparks fly as a trailer that got away from a truck grinds to a halt against the guardrail.

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