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Pennsylvania tolling proposal could “destroy” trucking companies, industry experts argue

Industry experts are warning Pennsylvania lawmakers that a recent proposal for new bridge tolls could “destroy” trucking companies across the state.

Tased trucker sues PA trooper for use of excessive force

A truck driver has filed suit against a Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) trooper who allegedly used excessive force in tasing him after a close call in traffic.

Biden Administration’s “diverse and experienced” USDOT team members announced

The Biden Administration has announced key members of its US Department of Transportation Leadership this week.  The appointees were...


VIDEO: Box truck driver pays the price for coming in a little too hot

Dash cam captured the moment that a box truck driver who took a turn too fast toppled over.

VIDEO: Semi cuts off another semi, immediately flips in spectacular fashion

A trucker's dash cam was rolling to catch a wild rollover crash that happened as a fellow truck driver tried to squeeze in front.

Skidding semi driver’s close call with Wisconsin cop car caught on video

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office shared video of a close call on an icy roadway as a reminder to drivers to slow down and drive to conditions.

VIDEO: Tow operator recovering semi has to run for his life to avoid out...

A Nebraska sheriff's office shared dash cam video that will give you new respect for the risks that tow operators face out on the road every day.

Police need help finding car driver who caused semi to catapult off overpass, leaving...

On Monday, the Birmingham Police Department issued new information and a new call for public help in locating a motorist who is believed to have caused a truck driver to fatally plunge off an overpass last October.
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