Top 5 Myths About Truck Drivers

We've noticed that people who are not in the trucking industry have absolutely no clue what it's really like! We're here to help everyone get their facts straight by debunking the top 5 myths about truck drivers!
multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis & Truck Driving: What You Need To Know

With everything else that a truck driver has to deal with, no one wants to have to deal with a serious medical condition on top of the challenges they encounter everyday on the road. However, diseases like multiple sclerosis affect an estimated 400,000 Americans, with about 200 new cases of MS being diagnosed every week. What does an MS diagnosis mean? Can you keep driving?
FedEx Delivers Christmas to Troops

FedEx Delivers Christmas to Troops

FedEx yesterday announced they have once again partnered with the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation to deliver Christmas trees to service members.
Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for a Truck Driver

Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for a Truck Driver

This Thanksgiving, there's so much to be thankful for, but what we're most thankful for are the men and women truck drivers who keep this country rolling. Here are 10 reasons why everyone should be thankful for and appreciative of truck drivers.
Infographic: 'Cost of Running a Big Rig' 2014

Infographic: ‘Cost of Running a Big Rig’ 2014

How much does it cost to run a truck each year?
Winter Gear Guide Featured Image

CDLLife Winter Gear Guide

Wondering what kind of winter you'll be needing to stock up on before the snow starts to fall? Find out here:
If Trucks Stopped Featured Image

What would America look like if trucks stopped?

How fast would the well-oiled machine known as America sputter and stall if truck drivers weren’t bringing us everything we need? This infographic based on a study by the ATA says, “Pretty quick.”

Shift Into A Better Career At The Auto Hauler Training Institute

Whether you're wanting to start a new career as a truck driver, or you're looking to expand your training and branch out into a new career, National Trucking Institute (NTI) is the right choice for you! NTI isn't only for those looking to enter the industry and obtain a CDL, NTI also offers current drivers the opportunity to expand their careers.
Annual Coffee Spending

How Much Do You Spend Per Year On Coffee?

The presumed average annual spending on coffee for an individual truck driver is $600!
Texting and Driving Infographhic

Infographic: Save Lives, Don’t Text and Drive

How dangerous is texting and driving?
Three Large Carriers Team Up with uShip

Three Large Carriers Team Up with uShip

uShip this week announced three of the nation's top LTL carriers-- Con-way Freight, Old Dominion Freight Lines and YRC Freight-- have teamed up with uShip.
What States' Highways Are The Most Dangerous?

What States Have the Most Dangerous Highways?

Do you agree with this list?
No Zone

Infographic: Sharing The Road With Trucks And Large Vehicles

"Most drivers don't give trucks a second thought - until they're stuck behind one in traffic."
What Happens When A Smoker Quits

INFOGRAPHIC: What Happens When Smokers Quit

There are a number of reasons why smoking is such a tough habit to break. For many smoking is a routine, a stress reliever, and a craving. - But it isn't harmless. Smoking causes cancer, and puts smokers at a high risk for a number of other unnecessary diseases.
Canadian Trucking Industry

INFOGRAPHIC: Trucking Industry In Canada

This infographic from Canada Cartage illustrates current driver demographics, shortage impacts, and other interesting facts about the Canadian Trucking industry. Check it out!

CDLLife Healthy Beverage Guide

Good morning, drivers! What's your go-to beverage that gets you up and running every morning? Photo Credit: Photo copyright © 2005 by Jim Simonson - "Splash" 5 Benefits Of Drinking Coffee If you’re like most drivers, you’re all...