What States' Highways Are The Most Dangerous?

What States Have the Most Dangerous Highways?

Do you agree with this list?
Truck Driver Movies that are Terrible

Terrible Truck Driving Movies: CB Hustlers

This terrible late night comedy from the 70s makes lot lizards look like fun-loving cheerleaders and truckers look like indiscriminate horn dogs. Watch at your own risk.
Infographic Trucking Industry Facts 2012

Infographic: The U.S. Trucking Industry

During your day to day drive on our nation's highways, did you ever wonder just how big and important the industry of trucking is? This infographic can give you a good idea.
Winter Gear Guide Featured Image

CDLLife Winter Gear Guide

Wondering what kind of winter you'll be needing to stock up on before the snow starts to fall? Find out here:

Infographic: Top 10 Biggest Objects Moved By Trucks

Check out this impressive 'Top10' infographic showing the biggest objects ever moved by trucks! These large loads range from a 340 ton rock and a road train of 113 trailers to a 452 ton...
Driver's Bill of Rights

A Truck Driver’s Bill of Rights

A truck driver's Bill of Rights. What have we forgotten?
Texting and Driving Infographhic

Infographic: Save Lives, Don’t Text and Drive

How dangerous is texting and driving?
What Happens When A Smoker Quits

INFOGRAPHIC: What Happens When Smokers Quit

There are a number of reasons why smoking is such a tough habit to break. For many smoking is a routine, a stress reliever, and a craving. - But it isn't harmless. Smoking causes cancer, and puts smokers at a high risk for a number of other unnecessary diseases.
King of the Road

Infographic: Modern Day Truck Driver ‘King of the Road’

What are drivers' favorite brands? Find out here.
High Mileage Truck Blue

Infographic: Trucking’s Role In The U.S. Economy

Check out this infographic displaying the American Trucking Associations take on: Trucking's Role In The U.S. Economy.
Annual Coffee Spending

How Much Do You Spend Per Year On Coffee?

The presumed average annual spending on coffee for an individual truck driver is $600!
Hydration By The Numbers Featured Image

Infographic: Hydration By The Numbers

Sometimes it's tough to stay hydrated out on the road! Check out this infographic to learn more about the process of dehydration, how to stay hydrated, and some of the warning signs!

Infographic: How Far Does The Turkey Travel?

Find out just how far the turkey travels before it hits Thanksgiving dinner tables all over the country!
High Mileage Truck

Infographic: The Cost Of Truck Driver Turnover

See how much truck driver turnover affects everyone from drivers, to companies to consumers.
Infographic: 'Cost of Running a Big Rig' 2014

Infographic: ‘Cost of Running a Big Rig’ 2014

How much does it cost to run a truck each year?
How Far Food Travels

Infographic: Distances Trucks Bring Our Food

Check out our colorful infographic about how far food travels. What impact do drivers have on our food supply?