most dangerous states

INFOGRAPHIC: Most Deadly States To Drive In

Check out this infographic highlighting the most deadly states to drive in! According to these stats, Mississippi, Montana, and Alabama are the most dangerous states to drive in - this includes accidents involving tractor-trailers. Do...
Infographic: Fun Facts and Stats About Truck Drivers and Trucking

Infographic: Fun Facts and Stats About Truck Drivers and Trucking

Have you ever wondered how big the trucking industry is, how much the average truck driver makes or how many truck drivers there are in the U.S.?

Infographic: How Far Does The Turkey Travel?

Find out just how far the turkey travels before it hits Thanksgiving dinner tables all over the country!

Critical Issues In The Trucking Industry | Infographic

The ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute) names the 10 most critical issues in the trucking industry. Do you agree that these are the biggest issues?
King of the Road

Infographic: Modern Day Truck Driver ‘King of the Road’

What are drivers' favorite brands? Find out here.

Infographic: Seasonal Weather Conditions By State

Have you ever hoped to see seasonal weather conditions listed by state and all in one place? Look no further! Sources Encyclopedia of Alabama Alaska Guide Services About | Phoenix Average Monthly Temperatures Arkansas California | City Data Colorado Connecticut | Trip Advisor Delaware...

Infographic: Top 10 Biggest Objects Moved By Trucks

Check out this impressive 'Top10' infographic showing the biggest objects ever moved by trucks! These large loads range from a 340 ton rock and a road train of 113 trailers to a 452 ton...
Top 10 Trucking Songs Featured Imageaudio

Infographic: CDLLife Battle Of The Bands

The battle of the bands was won by Metallica with 8.4% of the vote - followed closely by Alabama with 7.8%.
Tech Savvy Featured Image

Infographic: Who Says Truckers Aren’t Tech Savvy?

We've heard again and again that truckers aren't tech savvy, but our numbers beg to differ!
Breakfast Sandwich Egg

Infographic: Know Your Breakfast Sandwich

How much do you know about the eggs on your breakfast sandwich?

Infographic: The Nutrition of Mental Health

An estimated 1 in 10 adults in the United States report that they are affected by a form of depression (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention), and “according to a 2008 study almost 13%...

Infographic: “Toxic Twenty” Air Pollution

Check out this infographic displaying the states with the most toxic air pollution according to The Natural Resources Defense Council. This graphic displays the "Toxic Twenty," explains just how much of the nation faces...

Name That Carrier

This company, (which was founded in 1962) boasts a fleet of 7,400 drivers, 6,500 tractors, and 55,000 trailers. They're known in the transportation industry for their efficiency, fleet safety, and for their innovative tactics/technologies. The company also happens...

Infographic: Health Effects of Caffeine

Are you aware of the many health effects of caffeine? Did you know that it's considered one of the most widely used substances on the planet? It's consumed by 90% of Americans on a...

Infographic: Napping

Napping might be something you've become even more familiar with due to the recent HOS changes. Have you ever heard of nano-napping, micro-napping, or mini-napping?!? Can napping really be effective when it comes to your...

Infographic: 10 Tips for Better Sleep

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. - Sometimes it's not easy to get a good night's sleep out there. In an ideal world, a driver would be able to pull over at...