Breakfast Sandwich Egg

Infographic: Know Your Breakfast Sandwich

How much do you know about the eggs on your breakfast sandwich?
2013 Cell Phone Laws for Truckers

Illinois Cell Phone Ban for Truck Drivers in Effect

The bill that Illinois lawmakers ratified in March 2012 is now in full effect. What do you need to know?
Truckers endangered by distracted driving

Infographic: Dangers of Distracted Driving

Truckers aren't immune to the dangers of distracted driving. This infographic features some statistics that might shock you.

Commuters Need to Know I’m Driving a Bomb

What puts a fuel truck driver on edge? It's pretty common.
ABCs of Trucking 2012 CDL Life

Infographic: Basics of the Truck Driving Industry

How much does a truck weigh? How far does a Class 8 tractor go? This infographic gives you an idea.
Canadian Trucking Industry

INFOGRAPHIC: Trucking Industry In Canada

This infographic from Canada Cartage illustrates current driver demographics, shortage impacts, and other interesting facts about the Canadian Trucking industry. Check it out!

Infographic: Health Effects of Caffeine

Are you aware of the many health effects of caffeine? Did you know that it's considered one of the most widely used substances on the planet? It's consumed by 90% of Americans on a...
Infographic Hazardous Holiday Travel

Infographic: The Hazards of Holiday Roads

Truck drivers know better than most anyone how hazardous a road can become. That goes double for the holiday season, when the roads get slicker, the 4 wheelers are driving more distracted than ever,...
CNG Fuel Stations Double Expansion

CNG Fuel Station Sites Will Double Capacity in 2016

A recent partnership between real estate developers may double the natural gas fuel stations across North America in the next 4 years. Will trucking companies respond?
Truck Driver

CDLLife Infographic: Least Recognized, But Most Important Jobs

This is something that we don’t think about often enough. There are so many gigs out there that are vital to our society & the way we function - but which ones are the...

Infographic: Know Your Truck Stop

This handy infographic tells us about the assets and man hours that go into keeping the busiest tractor rodeo bucking day and night. View the image.
multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis & Truck Driving: What You Need To Know

With everything else that a truck driver has to deal with, no one wants to have to deal with a serious medical condition on top of the challenges they encounter everyday on the road. However, diseases like multiple sclerosis affect an estimated 400,000 Americans, with about 200 new cases of MS being diagnosed every week. What does an MS diagnosis mean? Can you keep driving?

Infographic: Sleep Or Die

Check out this infographic to learn more about the risks of insomnia!
most dangerous states

INFOGRAPHIC: Most Deadly States To Drive In

Check out this infographic highlighting the most deadly states to drive in! According to these stats, Mississippi, Montana, and Alabama are the most dangerous states to drive in - this includes accidents involving tractor-trailers. Do...

The Best and Worst Roads in America?

Drivers, are these the best and worst roads in America?
Truck Drivers Tell All Favorites 2012

Infographic: What Are Truck Drivers’ Favorite Brands?

A survey from Atlas shows that many drivers have a strong sense of brand loyalty. Find out what companies they say are their favorites? Do you agree?