The Best and Worst Roads in America?

Drivers, are these the best and worst roads in America?

What Truck Drivers Need– A Driver’s Bill of Rights

A truck driver's Bill of Rights. What have we forgotten?

New Jersey Cracking Down On Distracted Drivers

New Jersey just passed a number of distracted driving laws. Find out what they are and what you can expect as a punishment for breaking them.
Driver's Bill of Rights

A Truck Driver’s Bill of Rights

A truck driver's Bill of Rights. What have we forgotten?
2012 Distracted Driving Statistics

Funding For States That Crackdown On Distracted Driving

The NHTSA is offering money to states who enact laws to cut down on distracted driving. Find out what states must do to receive the funds.
Amanda Linscott

Femme Fatale Puts A Gun To Man’s Head, During Sex, While Driving

She may not be a lot lizard, but she's just as despicable.
Truck Driver Movies that are Terrible

Terrible Truck Driving Movies: CB Hustlers

This terrible late night comedy from the 70s makes lot lizards look like fun-loving cheerleaders and truckers look like indiscriminate horn dogs. Watch at your own risk.
Truck Driving Industry Analysts Predict Pay Raise

Opinions: Truck Driver Pay Sluggish With Economy

Is truck driver pay stagnating as much as industry experts are saying? Overdrive investigates.
Caffeine Alternatives

Truck Driver Health: Coffee Alternatives

Team Runs Smart shares some affordable alternatives to your daily cup o' joe. Can you break your habit?

Infographic: Truckin’ In America

Check out this informative infographic. How many wrecks are trucks responsible for? How many drivers are there in the U.S.? Where are the most trucking jobs?
Managing Your Trucks MPG Infographic

Infographic: Managing Your Mile Per Gallon

How knowledgeable are you about getting the most out of your truck's miles per gallon?

The Next Big Thing in Fuel: Methane Hydrate?

Is the next big fuel boom after fracking also within the continental US? All signs point to "Yes."
High Mileage Truck

Infographic: The Cost Of Truck Driver Turnover

See how much truck driver turnover affects everyone from drivers, to companies to consumers.

Infographic: Truck Drivers And The Truth About Christmas

Santa's sweet, but truck drivers are true Christmas heroes.
Night Before Christmas Trucker Editionvideo

VIDEO: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Trucker Edition

Many drivers will spend Christmas at truck stops and many will eat Christmas dinner at a restaurant.
Infographic Hazardous Holiday Travel

Infographic: The Hazards of Holiday Roads

Truck drivers know better than most anyone how hazardous a road can become. That goes double for the holiday season, when the roads get slicker, the 4 wheelers are driving more distracted than ever,...