Infographic: Distracted Driving Dangers 2012

What are the latest statistics on distracted driving, and what do they mean for truck drivers?
How Far Food Travels

Infographic: Distances Trucks Bring Our Food

Check out our colorful infographic about how far food travels. What impact do drivers have on our food supply?
Santa Drives A Big Brown Truckvideo

VIDEO: UPS, Santa Drives A Big Brown Truck

Truck drivers deliver Christmas.
2013 Cell Phone Laws for Truckers

Illinois Cell Phone Ban for Truck Drivers in Effect

The bill that Illinois lawmakers ratified in March 2012 is now in full effect. What do you need to know?

Infographic: Truck Driver Tax Deductions

Do you write off any of these items during tax time? Maybe you should.
Digital Receipts

App Review: Digital Receipts

Filing and organizing massive amounts of receipts is no easy task - until now.

The Many Health Benefits of Nuts & Seeds

Have you ever considered serious the health benefits of the things you're snacking on while out on the road? - Nuts and seeds have to be among the healthiest, and easiest snack foods there...
Know the Dangers of Texing and Driving

Infographic: Texting And Driving Statistics

How dangerous is texting while driving?

Don’t Text and Drive Campaigns – Effective, or Not?

As the truck driving community is well aware, texting while driving has become an epidemic of epic proportions. People of all ages seem to be having less and less self control when it comes...

CDLLife Truck Driver Wages | Infographic

Earlier this week we asked that our community fill out a survey about truck driver wages as well as the expense of life out on the road. Check out the infographic below to see...
RR Infographic

Infographic: Trucks, The New Green Machine?

How green are today's trucks?
Truck Driver

CDLLife Infographic: Least Recognized, But Most Important Jobs

This is something that we don’t think about often enough. There are so many gigs out there that are vital to our society & the way we function - but which ones are the...
2012 Distracted Driving Statistics

Study Says Distracted Driving Accidents Far Under-Reported

Find out what percentage of all crashes researches say distracted driving is responsible for.

Infographic: Truck Driver Health

We asked you as the CDLLife community to let us know about their eating habits on the road. Here's what we found out about driver health.

Infographic: Truck Driver Bill Of Rights

We believe that every driver deserves respect, so last August - we drafted a Truck Driver Bill Of Rights. Here it is again for you in illustrated form.
High Mileage Truck Blue

Infographic: Trucking’s Role In The U.S. Economy

Check out this infographic displaying the American Trucking Associations take on: Trucking's Role In The U.S. Economy.