Amanda Linscott

Femme Fatale Puts A Gun To Man’s Head, During Sex, While Driving

She may not be a lot lizard, but she's just as despicable.
Truck Driver Movies that are Terrible

Terrible Truck Driving Movies: CB Hustlers

This terrible late night comedy from the 70s makes lot lizards look like fun-loving cheerleaders and truckers look like indiscriminate horn dogs. Watch at your own risk.
2012 Distracted Driving Statistics

Funding For States That Crackdown On Distracted Driving

The NHTSA is offering money to states who enact laws to cut down on distracted driving. Find out what states must do to receive the funds.

What Truck Drivers Need– A Driver’s Bill of Rights

A truck driver's Bill of Rights. What have we forgotten?

The Best and Worst Roads in America?

Drivers, are these the best and worst roads in America?

New Jersey Cracking Down On Distracted Drivers

New Jersey just passed a number of distracted driving laws. Find out what they are and what you can expect as a punishment for breaking them.

Infographic: Recognizing Lot Lizards

Would you recognize a lot lizard if you spotted one in the wild? Have a look at this humorous infographic to brush up on your skills.
Trucking Industry Receives Federal Stimulus Money

What the New Transportation Bill Means for Company Truck Drivers

The Obama Administration finally signed the bi-partisan approved Surface Transportation Bill last week. It's federal money designated to states to spend on roads, infrastructure and bridges until 2014. So what does it mean for truck drivers?
Staying Power

Economic Indicators For Transportation Trends Are Strong

Analysts say the trucking industry is showing positive growth. Is the worst of the recession over?
CNG Fuel Stations Double Expansion

CNG Fuel Station Sites Will Double Capacity in 2016

A recent partnership between real estate developers may double the natural gas fuel stations across North America in the next 4 years. Will trucking companies respond?
Americans Outraged As Chinese Workers Are Hired To Rebuild American Roads, Who's To Blame

Americans Outraged As Chinese Workers Are Hired To Rebuild American Bridges

A debate over who's to blame for Chinese workers filling American jobs started nearly a year ago and is still going on. Who's to blame and what can you do?
CDL Life Goes to Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Video: Driving to the Iowa 80 Truck Stop

It was a long way to the Iowa 80 truck stop in Walcott for the Truck Driver Jamboree this week. We took a time lapse video to cure our boredom.

Here’s how fast society would collapse without truckers

CDLLife presents an infographic that illustrates what happens when truck drivers stop working. Please share it with friends so they understand how important you are.
Trucking Infrastructure Failing in 2012

Infographic: US Infrastructure Quality Suffering

Truck drivers in the US don't have to guess how badly the highway infrastructure of the country is doing. As we've noted in years past, America's bridges and highways are suffering from state and...

Update: Truck Driver Rear Ended By Lohan Talks

Truck driver rear ended by Lindsay Lohan is speaking out.
News About Truckers Against Trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking Gain Powerful Partner

Truckers Against Trafficking has landed a powerful ally in their war on human trafficking - the world's busiest truck stop in Walcott, Iowa, the Iowa 80.