Truck Driver Makes Four Million Safe Miles

Truck Driver Hits 4 Million Mile Safety Mark

We have done some stories about truck drivers who make a million miles without a safety incident, and a few who have gone a bit further than that. But we think this trucker is...
CODOT Wal Mart Help Truck Drivers

Colorado DOT Sets Up Information Kiosks At Truck Stops

The Colorado Department of Transportation installs traffic information kiosks. What does the program offer truck drivers?
Illinois Dangerous Driver Law 2012

Illinois Raises the Stakes for Dangerous Drivers

Illinois lawmakers want to make dangerous drivers a rare threat on the state's highways. Will it be enough to protect truck drivers from distracted and aggressive drivers on the highways?
Texting Danger to Truck Drivers Infographic

Statistics on Texting and Driving: An Infographic

Statistics on Texting and Driving: This infographic sheds light on the typical driver you might see texting while driving. Some stats might surprise you!
Trucker Buddy International Announces Officers for 2012

Trucker Buddy Takes Class to “World’s Busiest Truck Stop”

Read and see what happened during a recent Trucker Buddy field trip to Walcott's Iowa 80 truck stop, and what the 4th grade class thought of the day. Are you a Trucker Buddy?
2012 Distracted Driving Statistics

Maine Stiffens Penalties for Distracted Driving

Maine's governor Paul LePage decided to boost fines related to distracted driving, texting and phone use in cars and trucks.
ABCs of Trucking 2012 CDL Life

Infographic: Basics of the Truck Driving Industry

How much does a truck weigh? How far does a Class 8 tractor go? This infographic gives you an idea.
Ban For Drivers Nationwide

LaHood Calls for Ban on Cell Phone Use For All Drivers

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood called for a federal ban on cell phone use while driving, but others in the industry disagree with him. What do you think? Also, take a look at state-by-state cell phone laws.

Infographic: Truck Driver Myths

There's a lot of misinformation about Truckers out there. Our friends at Trucker to Trucker get to the bottom of it all with this infographic about myths in the trucking industry.
Infographic Trucking Industry Facts 2012

Infographic: The U.S. Trucking Industry

During your day to day drive on our nation's highways, did you ever wonder just how big and important the industry of trucking is? This infographic can give you a good idea.

Swamp People: Season 3

The History Channel hit show, "Swamp People" is in its 3rd season. Meet the cast and find out more about alligator hunting.

How to Prevent Wheel-Offs

Wheel Offs can be extremely dangerous, yet easily avoided. Why do they continue to happen, and how can you avoid them?

PennDOT Announces National Distracted Driving Initiative

Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the leading causes of accidents on the roadways. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Pennsylvania launches a new initiative to get the word out.
Truck Drivers Tell All Favorites 2012

Infographic: What Are Truck Drivers’ Favorite Brands?

A survey from Atlas shows that many drivers have a strong sense of brand loyalty. Find out what companies they say are their favorites? Do you agree?
Caffeine Alternatives

Create & Name Your Caffeinated Drink

Flying J truck stops uploaded this fun online app that lets you mix your brew and name it too!
A Pretty Girl with a Heart on Her Shoulder

Coming in February: Weird Observances

There's more to the month of February aside from the international day of love. Who would pass up celebrating quirky observances like Diesel Engine Day, or Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day? Not us.