Commuters Need to Know I’m Driving a Bomb

What puts a fuel truck driver on edge? It's pretty common.
Truckers endangered by distracted driving

Infographic: Dangers of Distracted Driving

Truckers aren't immune to the dangers of distracted driving. This infographic features some statistics that might shock you.
VIDEO: Why truck drivers deserve more respect

The Transportation Industry: It’s F**king Big

We knew the numbers were big, but we didn't know they'd be THIS big. Take a look at an infographic that gives an impression of the size of Transportation.
Truckers Save Xmas Retail

INFOGRAPHIC: WalMart Is a Retail Gargantua

Take a look at how truckers may have saved WalMart millions in just days by stepping up in place of rail freight during tense union negotiations.
Fuel Tanker

Fuel Saving Statistics

The EPA may be proud of their big plans, but most truck drivers know that tractor trailer manufacturers and private carriers are already working tirelessly to find new ways to improve fuel efficiency of their fleets.
Dangerous Driving Threatens Truckers

What States are Most Dangerous for Drivers?

Uninformed, distracted and unskilled drivers can be the most dangerous things in a truck driver€™s life. We decided to find out which state the most of these types of drivers lived in.

Wind Energy Won’t Move Forward without Truckers

Between 2000 and 2010, the total number of kilowatt hours produced by wind energy in the US rose more than 1483%. These incredible numbers may stall if trucker needs aren't met.