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Stay up up to date on the latest laws & regulations that impact the trucking industry. Know your rights by staying informed on the issues and by being involved with our community of drivers.

Truck Tolls

Connecticut governor says he gives up on truck-only tolls — for now

Yesterday Connecticut governor Ned Lamont said that he was abandoning his controversial truck-only toll plan after legislative leaders failed to schedule a vote on the bill.

Trucking co. sues, claiming feds seized $181K in cash from employee

A Florida-based trucking company has filed suit after they say that federal authorities seized more than $181,000 in cash meant to purchase trucks for their fleet.
DOT CBD Notice

DOT issues warning about use of CBD products

The Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a memo clarifying common questions about the use of CBD products for safety-sensitive workers.
Rhode Island to begin truck-only tolls on June 11

Rhode Island eyes plan to double truck-only toll

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is currently accepting public comments on a plan to steeply increase toll rates for truckers.
OOIDA at hearing

Group blasts lawmakers ‘who know virtually nothing about trucking’ for dysfunction in industry

A representative for the trucking group Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) delivered a harsh message to out-of-touch lawmakers during a Congressional hearing on Tuesday.
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

NY mayor orders increased truck enforcement — with $7000 citations — starting Monday

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered city police to start handing out heavy truck violation citations as high as $7000 starting next week.
Parkway Bridge Strike

NY governor proposes steep increase in fines for overheight & overweight trucks

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today unveiled his 2021 budget proposal that includes a measure designed to cut down on bridge strikes by trucks.
Even Better Logistics

Texas trucking company slammed with $7.4 million verdict

A Texas jury ordered a trucking company to pay millions to a man who was injured during a crash involving an oversized load in 2017.

Truck stop scores legal victory in bizarre toilet paper injury case

An Illinois court sided with truck stop giant Pilot Travel Centers in a strange case involving an injury caused by an industrial sized roll of toilet paper.
Sorce Enterprises

Family-owned trucking co. turns to cannabis to try to keep the doors open

The owner of a small Illinois trucking company is trying an unusual tactic to generate new revenue and keep workers employed.

Judge indefinitely halts enforcement of labor law that threatens 70,000 truckers

Truckers scored a "significant win" yesterday when a California judge halted the enforcement of a controversial labor law until further notice.
Overweight Indiana

Troopers say truck was 96,300 pounds overweight

Indiana State Police say that they handed out a whopping citation following a truck inspection that turned up numerous violations this morning.
Nevada OOS

FMCSA orders Nevada trucker off the road for alcohol, defying out of service order

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered a Nevada trucker out of service after uncovering numerous safety violations.

With truck fatalities on the rise, FMCSA to study the cause of deadly semi...

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced a major new study into the underlying causes behind fatal large truck crashes.
Missouri Driverless Bill

Bill would outlaw ‘driverless’ trucks on Missouri roads

A Missouri lawmaker recently proposed legislation that would require the presence of a qualified, licensed driver inside all autonomous vehicles in the state.
NH Jessica's Law

Troopers warn truckers to ‘clear snow before you go’

On Thursday morning, troopers with the New Hampshire State Police (NHSP) issued a warning to truckers to remove all ice and snow from their rigs -- or face the possibility of a...

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