Laws & Regulations

Stay up up to date on the latest laws & regulations that impact the trucking industry. Know your rights by staying informed on the issues and by being involved with our community of drivers.

Wisconsin Truck Stop

Bill to require mandatory human trafficking training for new truckers

A newly introduced bill would make Wisconsin the latest state to attempt to thwart human trafficking by requiring truck drivers to take a mandatory training course. Last month, a bill known as AB22 was introduced...
Swift Truck

Swift Transportion to pay drivers $100 million after class action lawsuit

One of the nation's largest trucking companies has agreed to a massive settlement to be paid out to nearly 20,000 current and former truck drivers following a ten year legal battle.
Bike Lane

City eyes massive fine increase for truckers who park in bike lanes

City officials in Atlanta, Georgia, are close to voting on an new ordinance that would impose a huge fine on truck drivers who park in bike lanes. Next Monday, the Atlanta City Council will vote...
ELD bills reintroduced

Lawmaker reintroduces bills to exempt truckers from ELDs

A Minnesota lawmaker has made good on his promise and reintroduced legislation that would exempt some truckers from Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations. 
Underride Guards

Lawmakers want to put underride guards on the side and front of your truck

A pair of lawmakers have reintroduced legislation that would force drivers to have both side and front underride guards on their trucks.
Booted Truck

Bill to ban vehicle booting on private property advances in Georgia House

A bill that would effectively ban booting vehicles on private property is gaining momentum in the Georgia House of Representatives.
I-5 Patrol

Troopers hand out hundreds of tickets during commercial vehicle enforcement

The Washington State Patrol's (WSP) Commercial Vehicle Division says that they issued well over two hundred citations during a recent targeted patrol on a ten mile stretch of busy interstate.
PA Citations

Troopers issue $73K worth of fines to truckers who violated travel ban

Pennsylvania State Police issued hundreds of citations to a truck drivers who violated a weather-related commercial vehicle ban over the weekend.
Roadside Drug Testing

Troopers to expand roadside drug testing program statewide in 2019

Michigan State Police (MSP) have announced that they are planning on expanding a controversial saliva-based roadside drug testing pilot program statewide this year. 
PA Turnpike is $11 billion in debt and facing a catastrophic lawsuit from truckers

PA Turnpike is $11 billion in debt and facing a ‘catastrophic’ lawsuit from truckers

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is billions of dollars in debt, seriously behind on payments to the state, facing a major lawsuit from trucking groups, and eyeing the possibility of bankruptcy.
Toll Road

State police are cracking down on truckers for avoiding a new toll road

Troopers from two states recently came together to target commercial vehicle drivers who they say are avoiding a new toll road in Delaware. 
PA Truck Ban Tickets

Troopers issued over 800 tickets to truckers who ignored travel ban

Pennsylvania State Police issued nearly a quarter of a million dollars' worth of citations to truck drivers during a weather related travel ban earlier this week.
I-69 Potholes

Troopers drop speed limit on 14 miles of interstate for ‘tire bursting potholes’

Indiana officials say that potholes have become such a problem on one interstate that they'll be dramatically reducing the recommended speed limit this weekend.

Company says ‘it’s not pot’, sues Idaho State Police

A company has filed a lawsuit against state and local authorities after they say that a truckload of industrial hemp was wrongly identified as marijuana. 
ELD Bills

Lawmaker reportedly plans to reintroduce bills to exempt small carriers from ELDs

A new report suggests that a Minnesota lawmaker has plans to reintroduce two bills that would exempt some truckers from ELD regulation requirements. 
Tennessee Gun Law

New bill would expand ‘stand your ground’ gun rights

A Tennessee lawmaker recently introduced new "stand your ground" legislation that would strengthen protections for those who use deadly force to defend themselves from civil or criminal prosecution. 

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