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Study: ELDs have not decreased semi truck crashes

Study: ELDs have not decreased semi truck crashes

A new study published this month examined the effects of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate on commercial vehicle crash rates a year after the regulation went into effect.
Mississippi Tow Bill

Bill to allow tow companies to sell belongings from inside vehicles

A newly introduced bill will allow towing companies in Mississippi with unpaid tow bills to sell the personal property inside the vehicle.
Virginia kills tolls

Under pressure from truckers, Virginia lawmakers cancel plans for tolls on I-81

This week, lawmakers in Virginia opted to kill plan to place tolls on cars and semi trucks traveling on I-81.
NY governor says he'll punish truckers who violate ban by taking CDL, issuing assault charges

NY governor says he’ll punish truckers who violate travel ban

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared war on truck drivers who are in violation of a weather related travel ban issued earlier this week. "This is a disgrace," Cuomo said of the truckers who...
NY Truck Ban

New York bans tractor trailers from certain highways and interstates

Authorities in New York have issued a truck travel ban due to dangerous winter weather.
Speed Limits

Nine states consider increasing speed limits

Lawmakers in several states have recently introduced or passed legislation to get rid of speed differentials or to increase speed limits for all drivers. 

Former PennDOT official gets house arrest for taking bribes for years

This week, a former Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) official was sentenced after he admitted to accepting bribes from contractors for several years.
Ice Missile

Officials issue warnings after semi truck ‘ice missile’ injures motorist

After a motorist was severely injured by a chunk of ice that fell off of a semi truck in Pennsylvania this week, both law enforcement and members of the trucking community are taking a closer look at the problem of ice removal for commercial vehicle drivers.
New concealed carry reciprocity bill would simplify self defense for over the road truckers

New concealed carry bill would make it easier for truckers to defend themselves across...

A newly introduced bill seeks to simply the confusing patchwork of state conceal and carry reciprocity laws, which would make it easier for professional truck drivers to legally defend themselves as they drive cross country. 
Backroad Cameras

Lawmakers plan to put cameras on backroads to catch truckers who avoid tolls

As Virginia lawmakers push forward with legislation to toll drivers on I-81, they are also concocting a plan to monitor and punish those drivers who try to avoid the toll roads.
New bill would ban trucks from using Georgia highways except to deliver or pickup

New bill would ban trucks from using Georgia highways except to deliver or pickup

Three Georgia lawmakers have submitted a bill that would all but forbid truckers from using any highways within the state.
Updated Idling Regs

New list of state and local idling regulations can help truckers avoid hefty fines

This week, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released an updated list of state and local idling regulations to help trucker avoid costly fines.
Indiana Toll Road plans to increase tolls for trucks only starting in October.

Trucking group sues over truck-only toll increase

This week, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) filed suit against several groups in Indiana over a recent toll increase that impacted only truckers. 
I-81 Tolls

New toll means truckers could pay $55 to travel the length of interstate

Lawmakers are moving forward with a plan to place tolls on one of busiest interstates in Virginia in order to fund infrastructure upgrades
INDOT Rest stop

Indiana closes popular rest stop, making it harder for truckers to find parking

Indiana transportation officials say that they will save millions of dollars by shutting down a busy rest stop in the near future.
Weather App

Popular weather app has been tracking and selling user data without permission, according to...

Los Angeles prosecutors have sued the operators of one of the nation's most popular weather apps for allegedly tracking users and selling their data to third parties. According to a statement issued by Los Angeles City...

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