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Walmart, FedEx, and UPS commit to 24/7 operations to address supply chain bottlenecks, White...

The White House says that three of the nation's largest carriers of goods are committed to operating around the clock to ease the strain on the nation's supply chain.

Texas governor bans employee vaccine mandates

On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took a stand against the Biden administration's push to require COVID-19 vaccination or testing for employees of large companies. Abbott issued an...

Troopers in multiple states to crackdown on drivers on I-70 starting Friday

This weekend, multiple law enforcement agencies will come together for a major traffic enforcement campaign.

New FMCSA rule cracks down on drug and alcohol violations with CDL...

A new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rule will task State Driver’s Licensing Agencies (SDLAs) with beefing up compliance among CDL holders with drug and alcohol violations.

Teen truck drivers ‘to the rescue’ in video report

This week, a major newsmagazine looked at how teenagers are being trained to drive big rigs amid a legislative push to allow drivers under 21 years of age to operate interstate.

Nearly one quarter of motorists don’t know that move over laws exist, study shows

A new study from the American Automobile Association shows that almost one quarter of motorists don’t even know that ‘slow down, move over’ laws exist.  According to the same...

Feds cite dairy farm after vacuum truck driver drowned after driving into manure pit

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited a dairy farm located in Colorado for safety violations after a vacuum truck driver suffered fatal injuries in March.

New York truck driver ordered out of service for fleeing crash scene, alcohol violations

he Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued a federal order forbidding a truck driver to operate following a crash that occurred in August.

Only a change in mindset will fix the ‘driver shortage,’ industry expert claims

A New York Trucking Industry expert says that a change in mindset may be the only strategy for righting the ‘driver shortage’ exacerbated by the pandemic.  President of the...

Virginia troopers net 376 violations during three day CMV blitz

Virginia State Police (VSP) issued hundreds of citations during a three day commercial vehicle enforcement campaign in September.

Truck driver struck by falling 48 pound tire awarded more than $1.3 million

A federal jury has awarded a truck driver more than $1 million in damages after he was struck and injured by a falling tire at a Goodyear facility.

DOT wants truckers to answer these 13 questions about U.S. supply chain disruptions

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is seeking feedback from the trucking industry regarding points of weakness in the U.S. supply chain.

Recent viral video of man clinging to moving semi may soon inspire new pre-check...

Video of a man clinging to two separate semi trucks in Georgia has been circulating the internet this week, and may even inspire some new pre-check protocol to prevent creative hitchhikers like...

Oregon increases fine to nearly $900 for trucker chain law violations

Starting this week, drivers caught without required chains in Oregon will face a stiffer fine.

Trucking group warns that vaccine mandates could lead to ‘massive driver exodus’

A leading trucking trade group recently issued a statement on a controversial White House vaccination mandate, asking group members to contact lawmakers to explain how the plan could be disastrous for the industry as a whole.
School Bus

Lawmaker pushes DOT to get rid of CDL requirement for school bus drivers

A New York State Representative is pushing to eliminate Commercial Drivers License (CDL) requirements for school bus drivers due to "workforce shortages." On September 9, New York Rep. Joe Morelle...
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