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Hellertown, PA

Court upholds $14K overweight fine for trucker who followed GPS

A Pennsylvania court has ruled against a truck driver who is accused of driving a 30 ton truck on a 6 ton weight limit road.
Smog Check Bill

California passes law requiring ‘smog checks’ for semis

California lawmakers have passed a 'smog check' bill that will crack down on diesel trucks that operate within the state.
I-75 Enforcement

Kentucky police announce year-long interstate enforcement for cars and trucks

Multiple law enforcement agencies in Kentucky will be kicking off a year-long driver-focused enforcement campaign.
NH Trooper in a Truck

Troopers are teaming up with truckers to catch texting drivers next week

The New Hampshire State Police announced that they're collaborating with a local trucking company to nab distracted drivers next week.
4 trucking mandates

Trucking groups demand lawmakers defeat four ‘excessively burdensome’ bills

A group of 31 trucking and trade associations penned a letter to Congress asking for lawmakers to put a stop to four controversial bills.
Dangerous Pedestrians

Michigan police to crack down on dangerous pedestrians

Authorities in Michigan say that they are participating in a week-long enforcement campaign to cut down on pedestrian violations that are likely to increase the risk of a crash.
Merging and passing

Passing and merging — this video teaches truckers how to do it the right...

The team at Smart Trucking recently shared a new video outlining the basics of passing and merging when you're driving a big rig.
Scam Alert

Truckers, don’t be fooled by that DOT letter scam

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has issued a scam alert about fraudulent marketers who are trying to trick truckers into paying for a free service.
I-70 Pileup Driver

Truck driver in I-70 pileup wants to meet with the families of crash victims...

A truck driver who facing dozens of charges for a deadly pileup crash in April says that he wants to meet with the families of the crash victims before he goes to trial.
CHP warning

Troopers say they’re citing drivers for leaving behind ‘absolutely disgusting’ trash

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently issued a warning to drivers who leave behind bags of human waste and other trash along the side of the freeway.
10 states

FMCSA expands HOS regulation waiver to 10 states ahead of hurricane

As Hurricane Dorian intensifies and nears the U.S., the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has expanded their emergency declaration to include 10 southeastern states.

CHP pulled a driver in for a mudflap violation, but found something way worse

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) says that they're "saving lives, one inspection at a time" after discovering a dangerous violation.
Vacant Lot

A city nixed truck parking on streets. Now they want to kick trucks out...

An Illinois city recently voted to prevent trucks from parking on city streets -- and now they've turned their attention to trucks using the parking lots of businesses that have been closed for years.

FMCSA exempts Transco, Inc. from 30 minute break rule — sort of

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has granted a large grocery retailer an exemption from the 30 minute break requirement.
Roadcheck 2019 Results

Over 12,000 trucks removed from the road during 3 day blitz

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) says that they removed thousands of trucks from the road during a three day inspection campaign.
Hurricane Dorian

FMCSA waives HOS regs as Hurricane Dorian barrels down on Florida

As Florida braces for what could be a devastating hurricane, authorities have waived certain regulations for truckers hauling relief supplies.

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